Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The story behind this post is my friend Joy commented on my hair cut post. My hair was cut two more times in the week and I was going to add to the post a current photo. I tried to upload it twice and Blogger said it had done the deed. However, I have no idea where or to whom it was done. Therefore, I posted this pic.

Soooo, this is me after working all day and a bit of rain this morning. Now the ceiling fan is messing my hair. A glamor shot, it ain't. Just messing around. It looks like a hand puppet? (I really need to buy photo shop if I'm not going to put in much effort staging shots.)


  1. It is a lovely pic. You remind my of Emily Deschanel from the TV series Bones. :)

  2. Thanks. I must remember not to wear a top that gets lost in the background. Who knew with such a busy background...?