Friday, August 7, 2009


Not "Agent 99" from 'Get Smart' or "99 bottles of beer on the wall..." No, this is my 99th blog post. I've been talking all week with my friend about my 100th post coming up. For someone who isn't into social networks and didn't want to blog, I've really jumped in with both feet.

We'll celebrate the 100th mark with a week long party. I thought I'd give away free books. Then I realized everyone might not want one of my books - they might already have all three. So I decided the winners could choose from one of my books or I would buy them an autographed book from a short list of authors I know. How's that sound?

I emailed these authors and ask if they were able to send an autographed book, if I bought one. (Meaning it did not come direct from a third party.) The amazing thing that followed was a sudden flood of emails from the authors not only saying, yes they could get a signed book out if I bought one, they have donated the book! I kid you not! Is that a fantastic group of writers/friends or what?

Because these books have been donated, I'm going to change things up a bit and extend the party for as long as it takes to give everyone a moment on center stage. I want you to meet these authors who have been so kind and whom I love so dearly.

These are the writers who have responded so far. I'll edit the post and add more names. Check 'em out!
Carolyn Howard-Johnson: The Frugal Editor
Joy Collins: Second Chance AND Coming Together (two books)
Carolyn 'Carrie' Sheppard: Ghost Sniffer and Other Stories (audio book!!!)
Cathy Marley: Peeking Over The Edge
Irene Watson: The Sitting Swing: Finding Wisdom to Know the Difference (more than one copy)
Susan Gabriel: Seeking Sara Summers
Erin Collins: Shadow Walk: The Gathering
Rita Toews: The Bully: A Discussion and Activity Story AND two ebooks! Why Me? and Bullying: A Parent's Primer
Connie E. Curry: Give Me Back My Glory
Andrew Revels: Belly of the Beast
Nick Daws: The Festival on Lyris Five
Ray Derby: Shadow Government or Bradley's Ghost or Clouds of Deception
Jeannine Garsee: Before, After, And Somebody In Between and Say The Word (both YA books!)
Glyn Pope: To The End Of Love
Frederiko "Fred Baby" Aguilar: The Desert Has No King
Karl Moore: The Secret Art of Self Development

Twitter this page or mention it in your blog (I made a gadget you can use, see it on the sidebar?) or Facebook or email it to your reader friends or newsletter list or all of the above. With all these gifts for my readers, I really owe these writers tons of traffic.
I don't exactly have a fleshed out plan, but I will come Monday, post 100.

Rules: ANYONE around the world can participate. Invite your friends and family. No requirement to follow my blog. No requirement to join my newsletter list.

I don't know what we are doing yet, but check back on Monday. I think it will involve some comment posts, so if you comment 'anonymous' sign your first name too. Follow the instructions each day to enter and re-enter over and over. (When I need names drawn, I'll grab one of my kids to do it.)

Tips to winning books:
1) Read the instructions each day (like a query letter to an agent or publisher) follow them EXACTLY.
2) Read the comment section for additional tips and PRIZES.

I can give you one hint. You need to familiarize yourself with my website for the 100th day's activities.

So let the party begin!

Keep checking back, I'm adding to this post so that I don't mess up and post number 100 by accident - before it is time!

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  1. Cool, sounds like fun.

  2. Thanks! I'm working on a couple of ideas...

  3. Wow, this list gets longer and longer! You really have fabulous friends!

  4. Yep. You know how readers share books? Writers have an even tighter camaraderie. The 'its all about me' people drop by the wayside and the good ones are left. It is really cool. That is one of the upsides of this industry.

    I went with indie writers for this party, but one of my dearest friends is with a BIG SHOT NY publisher and she is a 100% sweetheart. We beta read for each other. We comment on cover art options...

    It is just like family, except you don't have to spend time with anyone you don't want to. I really love this gig.

  5. I am delighted to be on your list of 1. friends and 2. contributor to your contest, Nadine. Guess, being a contributor disqualifies me. Wahhhhh. I want Irene's book! (-:
    Carolyn Howard-Johnson
    Blogging at Writer's Digest 101 Best Websites pick

  6. Oh gosh no, Carolyn, read the rules: ANYONE can play and win - even my 27 cousins. This might end up being a month long party!

    Writers: If I've not ask someone who wants to have their book included, email me. All I ask is that the books be autographed -- because I think that is waaaaay cool.

    I need ideas of activities. I will be sending out an email to the writers involved - ck your email this will have several options to select.

    Big Hugs!

  7. I am delighted to donate my thriller, SHADOW WALK: THE GATHERING to this blog.
    I hope whomever gets my book will like reading it.

    Hugs, and way to go, Nadine for such a novel idea.

    Erin Collins

  8. Hi Erin,
    Thanks for contributing. I think this will be loads of fun.

    The party starts on Monday, I have no idea when it will end.


  9. Sounds great! I'm game. Oh, I can't play. I know too much.

  10. Hello Charley LAMAN, no you can't play, but you can still party. You goof! Thanks for reading my blog.

    Nadine LAMAN (notice the last names, folks!)

  11. Count me in, Nadine! I'll be happy to donate a signed copy of my new, illustrated novella, 'The Festival on Lyris Five'.

  12. Wow! How did Nick find out...all the way from England...hmmm who do I know in England.

    Look here to find out!

    Thanks, are still a peach as always!

  13. I've blogged you!
    You have some authors and books on your list I've ben eyeing for a while...and I read great reviews for the same!

    If there's anything I can do, let me now!

  14. Thanks Ivy! Folks, Ivy bloggs at "Willing to See Less" Please visit her blog.

    Support the people who are helping with this PARTY!

    Nadine xx

  15. Jeepers Guys and Dolls!

    The generosity of the writers I know is overwhelming, isn't it? You can see why I love them so much. We are into 4 weeks of partying - can you believe that?

    I can party that long. Can you? Anyone who posts a comment EVERY day of the party will be in a drawing to WIN either my complete trilogy or all three of Ray Derby's books!

    Read that again! How simple is that? Three FREE autographed books sent anywhere in the world. Can you do it? Can you visit this blog every day for the entire party and leave a comment?

    Betcha you can!

  16. I will happily donate a signed copy of Before/After!

  17. I have happily donated signed copies of both SECOND CHANCE and COMING TOGETHER. I can't wait to interact with everyone. It is so amazing to me how we can reach each other across oceans and around the world.

  18. Hey Jen,
    Glad you could make it to the party. Remember way back when we called that manuscript, "Martha" ... look at her now!

    Whoo-hoo! Thanks, Chicka!

    xx Nadine

  19. Thanks Joy,
    I really appreciate the donation.

    Joy and I had lunch today and she brought her books - so I have them now, ready to give away.

    Joy will co-host this party on two days. One for her book, Second Chance, and once with her co-writer, Joyce Norman, for their book, Coming Together.

    xx Nadine

  20. BTW, forget the comment about only indie writers, Jen is with a Big shot publisher.

    (and she still answers my email!)

    Love ya, Jen...and thanks again.

  21. This looks fantastic!

    Nadine, is that you on the pic with Andrew R. on his page? That is such a cute pic :)

  22. OMGosh, yes Ivy...that's us. Not my best pic, but every one of him looked great. Doesn't Andrew have a cute smile? Just wait until his day. I have some stories to tell!


  23. I have a copy of my novel 'To The End Of Love' also available from
    which is not only signed by myself, the author, but also the French artist Anne Lamali who did the cover for me.
    Also a good friend suggested I write a blog on regular days. I will be.
    Find me at
    each Monday and Thursday,
    become a follower, comment...
    Best wishes from very hot and sunny France

  24. Great Idea Nadine!!!

  25. Hey Glyn! That is so cool!

    I should mention that Glyn's blook is written in English, er British English, in case anyone was thinking they need to brush up on their French.

    I'll add you onto the list. Email me about secheduling dates for you to co-host this P-A-R-T-Y!


  26. Hello Angela!

    Those of us who watch industry news have seen bookstore quarterly reports dive for the basement and US publishing houses sack hundreds of people during the last year.

    The saying goes, if there ain't a party going on, start one!

    I really planned ahead on this one. *giggle* It was going to be Monday only, then last Thursday when I was writing up the notice that my newsletter is out and about, I made it a week.

    Now look! It is four weeks long! We have prizes, a banner (I made it myself!), and a matching invitation. Anyone who wants an invitation pdf or jpg to send around to your friends, email me. Snag the thingy on the left to add to your blogs to tell your friends that you are partying!

    We have writers from England, France, Canada, and the US. The question is, can all you party people party THAT long? I can!


  27. You little INSTIGATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Charley,

    I KNOW that is you. I heard you typing all the !!!! You goof!


  29. Hi again, Charley.

    Go look, just got an email from your buddy, Fred Baby. He's comin' to the party too!

    Guess we need to pick up around here, and get ready for lots of guests!

    This is SoooOOooooOOOoo fun! I'm loving it.

    Oh and go see this what Gyppo is saying on MWC...

  30. Hi everyone!

    I guess I'll be the first to show up in the morning :) I'll bring coffee for everyone. Milk? Sugar?

  31. Wow! Ivy that's great!

    I might still be in my pjs, but good friends always come early to help out.

    Carrie told me how to spell pajamas in English, let's see...hmmm, pyjammas??? is that correct?

  32. Oh-oh-oh...I'll put the kettle on too! Carrie comes in early and proofs my blog for me most mornings. How's that for a friend? (Sometimes I make really laughable dyslexic posts, until she helps me!)

    Carrie left some English tea here when she visited me last year! How cool is that! Real English tea in Arizona!

    (Maybe I should take a nap? Or should I try to do something with my hair? Do I look okay -- like a writer?)

    I am so excited about this. You 'guys' are the best-est!

  33. Can I have an Earl Grey? :)
    To the dismay of my professors, I never learned to properly distinguish AmE from BE, so I still mix it up most of the time, like color/colour etc. Sometimes even in the same sentence. Not to mention spelling.
    I'm off to slep now. It's past eleven p.m. here. I'll be back!

  34. Yes, Ivy, I believe we do have Earl Grey. I had to try it because it was what Cpt'n Picard drank on StarTrek: Next Gen. Yep, I'm a curious soul.

    Did you notice I decorated the blog for the party? You'd laugh if you knew how long that took to figure out that banner. Jeepers!

    xx Nadine

  35. God morning and happy Monday!

    Nadine, your decorations are great. I might hire you for my sons 2nd birthday :)
    You'd laugh if I told you I tried to make a banner for you too, and gave it up. Obviously, I'm color blind and desperate at this. You saw my cover :)

    Let's get the party started!

  36. Hi Nadine,
    Fantastic idea.
    I haven't started blogging so far but reading this blog has really inspired me.

  37. Hi Rohi,

    Well come on over to the party and bring your friends too! We will rock this blog!


  38. Oh this sounds like a good idea!

  39. Hi Angelique!

    Wow! You came! Kool. Hope over to the 100 post and jump in!

    xx Nadine

  40. "Goodbye, blue Mondays." (Kurt Vonnegut)
    "Hello, blog party Mondays." (Charley Laman)
    What a way to start the work week -- with a party! This could be better than Monday Night Football. Naw.

  41. Banner going on my author blog!

  42. Hi Glynis!

    Oh kool! Thanks!


    I didn't buy that football thing you said.


  43. I have not a lot of experience with blogging either and for someone that loves to talk, talk, talk, I've been rather slow and quiet getting in here to check out this new idea. That Nadine!!! She is always thinking up something, isn't she? Everyone have fun. My morning coffee kick has just begun today! Cheers to all!

  44. Ok, my morning kick of coffee apparently has not hit the brian yet. I am trying to figure out this posting. I was Anonymous just above here but I really want to come out of hiding.

  45. I don't have a brian but I do have a brain. (I think)

  46. My book, Give Me Back My Glory was therapy as I traveled through 2 misdiagnoses of breast cancer and then later told I had bone cancer. I am here today to tell you the doctor was wrong. Yep, they are human, too but my book is a tell all, educational entertwined with lots of humor. Hope whoever gets it, enjoys it. I have almost finished a book and always move right into another. (loved Nadine's books, by the way) so I am eager to see what book I get here.

  47. hey Connie. Refresh the page and come over to today's blog. Click on the "First Draft" in the mast and that'll do it.