Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just a few 'basics'...

I've received several reports that people don't understand what to do or how this works. No kidding? Me too! We're twins!

At any time, you can click on the words "FIRST DRAFT" at the top of the page and it will bring you back to the current day's post.

To get to the comment section of any day's post, look at the bottom of that post. In small letters next to the envelop thingy it says "comments" -- click on that. Then scroll down after the comments open. It might look like nothing happened, like you are on the same page, but scroll down anyway. I've put red type in just above where the comments begin, so aim for below there.

To post a comment, type something in the box at the bottom of the comments. Select a profile, even anonymous works. Click 'post comments' -- sometimes it gives you a preview, click post comments until it does it...the daft thing has a mind of its own.

To read past posts, look waaaaay down the left sidebar. Find "Blog Archives". The first day of the party was '100th Post Blog Party,' if you want to start there. This sidebar is present at all times. You can't get lost, I promise. Just click on the top of the page "First Draft" in the party mast.

If you want to know more about the authors participating in the party, there is a list of them on the sidebar, closer to the top. Click on their name and it will take you to their sites.

The only way to win a free book is to post comments. Take a deep breath, and try out playing with some of the instructions above. If you get stuck, email me. NadineLaman(at)

There really is no way you can do this wrong. Everyone is welcome. Come celebrate with us!

Ready to start? Take a big breath, let it out slowly. Click HERE.

Poof! Crash! .... You just crashed the blog.

Nothing else can go wrong. Feel better now?

To get to where we are today, click on "First Draft" at the very top of the page.

I'm glad you're here.

Just thought I'd say...


  1. If you google 'blog party' you will find that when we post Erin on Monday, this will be the longest running blog party yet. This is the only blog party targeting readers & writers. If you find otherwise, let me know.

    So far there have been no reported casualties.

  2. This is amazing Nadine - I think it's pretty unique and you should definitely write it up for the industry.

    Have a chill Sunday. I picked more blackberries and harvested my beetroot. Pickling the beetroot, making more jam with the blackberries.

    Thanks for posting the Compostela song - I love it.


  3. Hi Nadine,

    Just to let you and everyone know that I have posted all author links on my blog today so hopefully you will get lots of "gatecrashers" come Monday.

    If I have left anyone off/anything out please let me know and I can amend my post.

    And all suggestions are long as they are accompanied by cake!!! :-)

    C H I C A (can't get that out of my head now)


  4. Hello Chicas! (Isn't that word addicting?)

    Any cake left from yesterday, Carrie? You've been busy today. Glad you're happy with the song.

    Kate! That is fantastic. Here is the link, everyone. Go look at Kate's blog.

    See ya all on Monday!


  5. I just wanted to are my everything. Listed to the song, I posted it above.

    Love ya, Chica!

  6. Ah - great song.

    Yes, lots of chocolate cake left, and Nickie made some 'Rocky Road' whichI have too... mmmmmmmm Looking forward to tomorrow's party!


  7. Hi, I'm Erin Collins, author of SHADOW WALK: THE GATHERING.
    I will be guest blogging tomorrow on this site.
    I hope we all have a lot of fun.

    See you all tomorrow!


  8. Hi Erin! We have a fun day planned, don't we!


  9. Good morning eveyone! It's time to party.

    I hope you will have fun with me today.


  10. First, I will tell you a little about myself.
    I'm married, a mother of two children, and the grandmother of three.

    I live in east Texas with my hubby and mother. Our town is so small, they roll up the sidewalks at sundown....LOL. Our town is so small, we don't even have a McDonald's. But, I love living here.

    I started Shadow Walk: The Gathering many years ago, pickiing it up, putting it down.
    I wasn't sure I would ever finish it, but finally got down to business and did it.

    I would really like to get to know you as well.