Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I can't get into it that much...

It is funny (odd) that I was thinking for several days about writing this post, then wondering if I should. But a very influential book reviewer sent a note that pushed me over to the "Go ahead and do it" side.

True, my writing isn't the industry standard third person voice - keep your distance - formula writing. I get lots of comments about my different style. Some people love it because it gets them out of their reading rut. Others comment about how it takes some getting used to (and I know some people just can't make the switch to it).

Someone once said my writing is an acquired taste. So is marmite. I'm not sure that is a compliment, but it is probably true because there just aren't that many novels written in first person present tense. Its tricky stuff, that's one reason it isn't done very much.

I know some people don't get past the letter reading scene in KB. Sure THEY KNEW what the letter meant. The point is all those best-of-the-best in the story missed it. OMG! My characters are human and even beat themselves up about it - just like us sometimes.

Those who do continue reading seem to get hooked. Ya know, like getting caught up reading and forgetting to put on their make-up, only to notice it when they get to work.

While EVERYONE gets the letter, no one (NO ONE) expected what happened Thanksgiving weekend, right? I dare you to tell me you expected THAT person to die. Actually, I double dare you.

Why do I write like that? One thing is, it got me "A" marks in school. My creative writing professors liked that I was, do I say it, oh yeah, "creative."

I know storytelling is usually third person. But you have to admit that the post about the lizard up my pant leg would not have made you laugh, if I had told it in third person. (Oh! Remind me, when I write Raven's Song, set in a New Mexico Pueblo, I'm going to throw that lizard story in there some place.)

I'll tell you tomorrow how I write in first person.

Lizard stories:


  1. Hmmm, marmite and your writing...Not sure I would go that far. Yes, 1st Person, present tense is different, but no harder to read that 3rd person. It's quality that counts and you've no fear on that score.

    So, stand away from that Marmite. Put it down and walk away.

  2. Great post Nadine; very thought provoking! :)


    Book Reviews By Bobbie

  3. Cathy,

    Absolutely no danger of me going near marmite again. That was nasty tasting stuff. Ewwwww!

    Thanks for the compliment. It IS true, some people just don't like first person writing. That's okay. It works to project a faux memoir, though.

  4. Hello Bobbie,

    Welcome to my blog. Hope you return. Thanks for the comment. ((HUGS)) too.

  5. Thanks a bunch. :) Will do.
    You're most welcome.
    Thanks ;)