Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More lizard stuff

My friend, Inez, called for our usual girly chat. Inez is a Pueblo Indian in New Mexico. Once again she invited me to come and we would go up into the mountains and have some girl time without all our guys.

After we finished with all the important stuff (kids, husbands, making pickles, books, visiting each other), I told her about DG. Inez told me a similar story about a lizard and her sister, so I guess the lizard-up-your-pant-leg isn't all that unusual.

In her story, her sister was dancing around a lot more than I was and the lizard was hanging onto her leg (hanging on for dear life?). Being a loving sister, Inez removed the lizard and they killed him. That led to her story about how she doesn't care for bugs, insects, and small cold-blooded desert creatures that like to venture inside our Southwestern homes.

Now try to picture this. I'm girly, nail polish and all that stuff, from the second largest city in the United States - Los Angeles. She is an Indian who doesn't like creepy-crawly things in her house...and we are going to go into the mountains alone and camp for a couple of days. Yeah right.

I'm thinking, "day trip." Maybe we'll go on horseback, that much farther removed from the ground where creepy-crawly things live.


  1. What's your idea of camping? To me it is canvas, ground level, sharing with the bugs and creepy crawlies automatically (but we don't have any poisonous ones here really). Sounds like fun though,especially the idea of going out on horses.

  2. I think we need to get straight that "camping" isn't even in my vocabulary.

    Seriously, I do want to go to the place of the ancestors where very few white people are invited. I take it as an honor that she calls me her sister.

    Besides a wonderful time with my friend and a very rare cultural/spiritual experience, I think that Raven's Song will get its draft finished.