Monday, March 1, 2010

Judge this!

The comments from the judges are that they are enjoying reading the contest entries more than they expected. I think it might have to do with the entries and the judges being international, which allows for them to read outside their countrymen's work and see new styles.

Three judges are finished with their task. They have made comments to the writers. I'll consolidate the comments into one email for each writer. I think it will be helpful feedback to see what the judges agreed on and where they differed. Also, they are saying what worked - and why - and what didn't.

Usually it is best to take comments with a grain of salt and weigh them. But at least they should be considered, after all, this is free for the writers and the judges are a good mix of professional writers, editors, and hardcore reading maniacs. (Plus that international thing I said before.)

So, stop the nail biting we are getting there.


  1. I didn't manage to finish my piece on time. My real job got in the way. Maybe the next time you have a competition, I will make it. I am sure it's nice to read comments and learn how to correct mistakes.

  2. YAY! Can't wait to see the results, Nadine!

  3. Loree, I've definitely enjoyed hosting this contest, so I'm sure I'll do another. Though, I think the next one will have different requirements for the piece.

    Ella, me too! I'm not sure if I'll ask the winners if I can post them on my blog or whether I'll get permission from everyone and post the link to the judges' page on my website.

    Thanks for commenting, both of you.

  4. I will look forward to feedback if I get some. It will be a first for me, so a valuable lesson.I loved the chance to join in, so often it is for US or UK only.
    Thank you for giving this the time you have, as I know you have been busy moving etc.

  5. Hello Glynis. Yes, you'll get feedback. Also, I'm seeing trends in the writing and judging that I want to pass along to everyone. You touched on it Glynis. I've seen the same thing within the industry - drawing country boundries. I don't think that follows readers now that we can be international with the internet. I think the industry will have to address that.

    One thing about some contests is the fees and laws to collect fees and contracts. I simply omitted that in this contest. I'll blog on that - thanks for the idea.

  6. My entry didn't get sent in as I didn't read the rules properly and 'forgot' it had to be in first person. D'oh! Looking forward to reading the results though.