Wednesday, February 24, 2010

15 Minutes of Fame

What happens when the broadband was down and no blog post written and it is 15 minutes until 'show time'?

Writers write, that's what happens. It may not be brilliant, but there will be a post.

Recently I put together a PowerPoint presentation about my trilogy. Like usual, I showed it to a couple of people (beta readers unaware). My cousin said it made her want to go back and reread them. (I'll pay her later or pick up the tab at the coffee shop where we meet.) Someone else said it needed more about the author.

True, there was very little of me on there. Having been a child abuse investigator I am careful to not give out too much information about myself and that permeates my behavior.

So what things would readers like to know about me? Gosh...hard to know what would be interesting.

Okay, in Kathryn's beach when I came to the part with the diary, I was tired, it was late, so rather than really write, I took a couple of entries from my own diaries. That got me going and I made up the rest. Since the rewrites, I've mixed them up so that you don't need to rush to your copy of Kathryn's Beach and expect the first two to be real and the rest fiction. I will tell you the one about wasted time is mine.

What else? Well, I hate being dyslexic. It is frustrating. But I tell myself that it is probably easier dealing with a handicap that I've always had than being 'normal' and losing an ability. I think that would not only be frustrating (like mine) but depressing to morn the loss. I have lots of gimmicks I use to get me through, so there is that. Most people don't know, and I only started mentioning it when I started this blog because I was trying to inspire someone in particular to try to imagine the unimaginable. I guess if it did or does inspire anyone, then it was worth the embarrassment.

Well, that's it. The fifteen minutes have run and it is time to post this. What can you write in 15 minutes? Give it a try. Consider it today's writing exercise.


  1. Well I took up your challenge Nadine. I added it to my coffee break blog and not my author one this time.

  2. I can't imagine how it would be to be dyslexic. I enjoyed how you were able to bring humor to it in your About Me section.
    ~ Wendy

  3. Glynis, cute story. You proved that writers do write.

    Hello Wendy, welcome. Nice blog, congrats on your one year of blogging.

  4. Hi Nadine, Ezard's tale made my readers sad, so I added another 15 minute follow on! Good writing exercise for me, thanks.

  5. Oh, I didn't think it was that sad, more realistic. I'll have to go see part 2.