Thursday, September 10, 2009

On holiday...

I am on holiday in the mountains - Rim Country, the Mogollon Rim. (In Arizona we say it MO-gee-on.) I had forgotten about the storms that knock out the electricity and almost didn't get yesterday's post up before the storm hit- and yep, knocked out the electricity. It gets very dark in the forest when all the lights go out. Oh yeah, this city girl loves the rustic life. Ahem.

The first full day here my friend tried to kill me. It sounded innocent enough when she invited me to walk to the post office - just down the road.

This is a mountain. When she said DOWN the road, she wasn't kidding. It was a steep downhill walk. At the post office I waited outside seated on the curb, the calves of my legs were on fire from the downhill walk.

When she came out of the post office empty handed, I said - "NO! You go back in there and don't come out without mail!" It was about a half mile to the post office. It turned out to be five miles back to her cabin. I swear the exact same route was five miles UP the mountain. I thought I would die.

I blame it on her Alzheimer's that she has forgotten my [good natured] complaining and has informed me that we are going to walk to the post office again today. I am living for the weekend when the post office is closed.

Have I mentioned that I will be staying with her for the next few months or a couple of years, IF I live that long.

I'll get back on track tomorrow, but if there is no post then I am still sitting on the curb outside of the post office.


  1. Thanks for the chuckle, Nadine. I love the idea of you insisting your friend must have mail after the effort to go and fetch it. Lovely. Enjoy your holiday

  2. Enjoy rustic mountain life, Nadine! It sounds like fun (I think). :-))

  3. Try cycling up the hill next time - bit of Lance Armstrong!

  4. Oh my, quite a contrast from city life indeed. I bet you will get plenty fit from all this walking and yes, miles uphill are definitely longer than miles downhill.

    Take it easy though - in stages - or she'll end up looking after you!

    Enjoy your time my friend. Look at the birds for me.

  5. All I can say is that the only guy with mail was bigger than both of us, so we walked back up the mountain empty handed.

    I didn't go today. Whew. I think we will walk up the road to the water tower later. At least that is up first and down on the return.

    We laugh a lot, so that is the good part.

  6. I'm glad to hear you are laughing. Enjoy your holiday!

  7. Just think what awesome shape you'll soon be in! I went outside at 6:30 AM today to trim my shrubs and it was so hot that I only did ONE. I envy you in your cool mountain surroundings.

  8. I did better on the walk today. Didn't wonder if I was at death's door until the very last leg of the return trip.

    I can appreciate what it is that people like about this place, yet I know I would never buy land here and settle in such a small town.

    One beautiful thing: The pine trees are very tall. When the wind blows through the tops of them it sounds like ocean waves as it travels across the mountain. Yet it is only a slight breeze on the deck where I sit. The pine cones fall with a loud thud and I think they would hurt if one hit me. They are larger than a grapefruit.

    The dog woke us during the night because there were raccoons on the front deck. I hear there are havalina that come out at night. A good reason for me to stay in, I think.

    It is good here, but it is not my final destination. I think you would like it.

  9. Sorry, but Havalina ( is a rock band from Long Beach, CA and javalina is the animal! Ha, just yanking your chain. Bill says I live to correct him! ~Joyce~

  10. Well, Joyce, I hope you keep me looking good too. Three very fat raccoons on the front deck again. You'll have to come visit sometime.