Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fabulous Blog Award

Blogger Peggy Nolan presented a blog award on August 25th. Since it was during the blog party, I've waited until now to acknowledge Peggy's kindness. Look on the left sidebar to see the beautiful award.

The "Your Blog is Fabulous!" Award stands for: Integrity. Commitment to Excellence. Stubbornly Optimistic!

The Rules:

List five current obsessions:

- My sons. You have exceeded every lesson and opportunity to be Renaissance men. I'm very proud of you guys and can't wait to see what you do next.

- My family and friends. You are my touch stone, my compass, my challenge.

- My writing. What can I say? This is what I do.

- Um...let me get back to you on the last two, I'm sure I have more than three obsessionssssss.

Pass the award on to five other bloggers.

Well, first of all...there are way more than five Fabulous bloggers.

Anita Davidson: http://thedisorganisedauthor.blogspot.com/

Carol Anne Strange: http://strangewriter.blogspot.com/

Glynis Smy: http://www.glynissmy.com/

Cheryl de los Reyes Cruz: http://cheryldelosreyescruz.blogspot.com/

DJ Kirkby: http://djkirkby.blogspot.com/

Glyn Pope: http://glynpope.blogspot.com/

Nidhi Dhawan: http://incontinentpen.blogspot.com/

Jennine Garsee: http://jeanninegarsee.blogspot.com/2009/09/paul-goldschmidt-strikes-again.html

Joy Collins: http://joycollins.blogspot.com/

Katie Hines: http://katiehines.blogspot.com/

June Austin: http://juneaustin.blogspot.com/

Ella... : http://theclockmonkey2.blogspot.com/

Carrie Sheppard: http://ukfolkie.blogspot.com/

Susan Gabriel: http://www.susangabriel.com/blog/

Marsha Stewart: http://prairie.typepad.com/my_weblog/

Irene Watson: http://irenewatson.typepad.com/irenes_weblog/

And my dear Ivana Maric: http://willingtoseeless.blogspot.com/

Thank you Peggy. You are a sweetheart.

Find Peggy here:


  1. Aw, you are such a dear! Thank you so much, Nadine! Love you!

  2. I'd say that blogging was probably one of your obsessions too - though you'll hate me for it! LOL


  3. I love you too, Ivana.

    Carrie, I do like blogging better than I thought I would. I sort of grouped it with writing, do you think it should be a line item? I was an obsession during the blog party, or it sure seemed that way.

    I had five obsessions and something written about each blog, then I lost it before I could post it, so this is what I hurried and came up with.

  4. Well what timing! Googlebot went through my blog this morning and saw all your links here! Guess I wasn't meant to get this post up sooner.

  5. How many words can you make from the word BLOG ?
    BOG - GO - GOB - LOG - LO - GLOB - LOB - OB (okay so it's a prefix) OG (okay so it's an abbreviation) I'm exhausted now. I need a beer.
    I posted naked women on my blog today. Thanks for the award. x

  6. Hi Nadine!

    Your blog is FABULOUS (and I really wish my computer at work would allow me to post comments...I have to wait ALL darn day to get here...[which is why I ended up emailing you the other day!])


    I write this other blog, too, http://serendipitysmiles.com because not everyone is a stepmom and not every stepmom is caught up in being a stepmom...and outside my stepmom life I have this whole OTHER life ;-)

    And it's the site I linked to everyone from the blog party...


  7. Marsha, yes...I read your blog. You find very interesting things to post.

  8. Peggie, I'm not a step mom, but I enjoy both of your blogs. Thanks for the email...