Monday, September 21, 2009


by Glynis Smy, Cyprus, guest blogger

I love to read when at the airport and onboard the plane. When I leave for my journey I always have a new travel companion, a lovely new book, something to bond with during the hours cruising the clouds.

During my most recent journey I had in my hot little hand, Kathryn's Beach by Nadine Laman.

I am not very good at writing book reviews, but I will try my best to portray what this book did for me.

Having run away from her life, Kathryn is still haunted by the court rulings in one of the child abuse cases she is involved with, five years later she returns, only to find that her nightmare will not go away until she solves the mystery of a letter.

The book captured me, the story flowed and the characters were believable. Each person I met throughout the book came alive. I could visualise each one as they entered a scene. I felt comfortable in their presence, they relaxed me, drew me into the book. There were no fireworks, no raunchy sex scenes, just a great read.

Kathryn returns to memories, new beginnings, nightmares from the past and emotionally draining daily events. Uplifting new meetings and realisations, serene moments and positive actions made me realise this is real life in book form.

I have now ordered High Tide and Storm Surge by the same author, I wanted to go further into Kathryn's world, I had walked her beach and wanted to learn more, to follow her return and these two books will allow me to do so.

Nadine Laman has a new fan and she also has a great blog ~First Draft.

Thank you, Glynis! You do a wonderful job reviewing! I love reading your blog too! Your pic is so lovely that I've posted it, something I wasn't going to do because my blog is a draft, but I love your smile!

Glynis is a British writer living in Cyprus. She has a wonderful blog, check it out and follow her:


  1. Glynis, did you say you're not good at writing reviews? This sounds just great to me! Love the smile!

  2. I love you guys! (girls) My web designer is listing blog reviews on my website review page. If we have missed anyone, please leave the link here in the comments.

    Wanna look?

  3. The list looks impressive, thank you for including me! I suppose SS is coming the other week, right now I'm halfway through Irene's book. Ella's books have arrived, finally! So happy for her!

  4. Oops, we have to fix that. Not all of those were reviews. Are you serious? Ella's books have arrived? Whew. I'm so relieved.

  5. Hi Nadine!

    I'm so pysched! Your book arrived today! HOORAY!


  6. Oh wow! I love it when people get excited about getting my books. Peggy, you are so sweet.

  7. Oh thanks for the mention and praise Nadine!

    Ivana,that smile is always there, I love my life!

  8. Glynis, you are a wise woman to live a life that pleases you.