Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Intermission...

Keep dreaming your dreams. Celebrate with abandon when they come true.

There will be five winners on Monday!


  1. The dream must stay alive :)

    I just saw you added Kip Cosson on the list and jumped over to his page. That is soooo cute! And yes, baby boys are so short of clothing!


  2. Good morning world! Good morning, Ivy! Aren't those darling characters? His book is so cute too. I can't wait for the second one to come out this fall.

    Tomorrow is going to be a fun day. Five winners! Can you believe that? It will just be me, unless some of the other writer/hosts drop by, but...I'm chatty, so it will be fine.

  3. Tomorrow, Monday, Ivy, my blog will be about Muse.

  4. Glyn,I can't wait to read it. Some exclusives maybe?
    And Nadine, you deserve your day! If there's something I can do, email me!

    Can Monday come faster, please?

  5. I'm going to a friends for an afternoon by the pool. Boiling here. So Monday can wait a while.

  6. Hello. I woke at 8 AM to the sounds of hubby mopping the kitchen floor. I'm having a hard time not telling him I had planned to sleep in. Yes, mopping is loud when he does it. I'll explain later.

    Thinking about this party just makes me chuckle. Who could have guessed it would be like this. You guys are fantastic!

  7. I agree, Nadine. I can't pick a day that was the funiest..maybe Glyn's. My belly hurt with all the laughing. ROFL

    My father went shopping this morning before the stores even opened and then he called both on my cell phone and the fixed line until he woke up everyone just to ask how much milk to buy.

  8. Embarrassing question: See the graphics I added to the mast at the top? Does anyone recognize that template art? We have tons of programs on this computer and (oh blond moment) I didn't make a note of which I used. I pdf'd it and re-scanned it as a jpg so I could cut out what I wanted. Well, now I want to find that template again and I can't remember which graphic program I used. I'll give an autographed copy of Kathryn's Beach to anyone who helps me find it. Yep, just another typical day at my desk.

  9. Glynis, I've lost your email address, please email me. Thanks!

  10. Hello Life, welcome! I went to your blog, will follow, as soon as I figure out how...