Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weekend Intermission, encore...

Oh what a party! I'm looking forward to our fourth and final week of the blog party with mixed feelings. I admit that I'm tired and have planned a week of rest in the mountains with my friend of 35 years. Yet I am also having pre-separation anxiety. I think many of us have connected with each other more firmly than before, and in a different way than we had enjoyed until my one hundredth post.

I think how blessed I am to have met the kind of people who rally to a project, commit, and follow through. Some people have found the silliness off putting, but most have seen through it to the heart of what we could make of this truly non-event event.

You, guest writers and guest readers, are the people who inspire, celebrate, and contribute to life, even through what is simply a digital binary system that connects us. I don't think anything can stop you. I wish for you all your dreams come true, save one to give you something to always strive for.

Rest up, we are going to keep partying!


  1. Hello, Nadine! Just to drop a quick hi and then I'm off, first exam tomorrow...wish me luck!


  2. Ivy, I have great faith in you and sincerely don't think you will need luck, but I will send my best wishes and friendship.

  3. Yes, all the best Ivana. I've seen the 212 movie - worth a visit when you need a lift.

    Right - Nick's day tomorrow - I'll be there!


  4. Go look at yesterday's post. We are at 46 countries now! OMGosh!