Thursday, August 13, 2009

Party with CAROLYN "Carrie" SHEPPARD!

Hello Party Goers! Here we go! Day four!

Yesterday's winner is Nidhi (from India). She answered all the game questions correctly...and had fun doing them! (I'll email you and we'll work out the details of getting your book to you!)

Carolyn Sheppard is a music celebrity from Shave the Monkey, that toured Europe in the 80's. That's right, she was the lead singer, and one of the writers/musicians from Shave! Lucky for us, some of her musical story telling has made its way to YouTube. (More on that later.)

Carrie has the genes of a first rate artist. Her family tree includes stage actors, a costumier, an opera singer, an artist, and more. I'd mention names and wow you, but this is all about my friend Carrie.

Several years ago, we met over at writer's forum. Carrie is one of the moderators at MWC. Carrie, Cathy C, and I were all moderators (along with others). We said when we got old, we'd be like the Golden Girls (that's why I smiled with Ivy's song Tuesday). Thick as thieves, we became fast friends (BFF).

Carrie came to the states so we could go on a road trip to 'Kathryn's Beach' (and the Grand Canyon - we made snow angels). What a great week! In the process Carrie wrote 'Indian School' after touring the Heard Museum in Phoenix.

There are other storytelling songs on her MySpaceMusic. I'm a huge ballad fan, so I quickly fell in love with her songs: Who Are We To Blame? a beautiful song about the Dow Chemical spill in India; The Lighthouse Keeper; Witchfinder General; My Name Is Summer; Mrs. Winchester; and lots more...

So! When I found out Carrie was going to the studio to record her Ghost Sniffer stories, I was thrilled! I could NOT get my hands on a copy of her audio book fast enough. It is absolutely fabulous! I took Ghost Sniffer and Other Stories to work and that was the first time I saw one of my blind clients smile. How cool is that! Carrie does a lot of 'Official Writing' at work. She writes fabulous short stories. Now she is working on her debut novel! Yep, I wanta be a beta reader! (Hint, hint!)

Here is a music video of Shave from television, BBC (I think). The second song is an excerpt from Witchfinder General, listen to Carrie tell the BBC the background of that song, she is a real storyteller. (Two songs on this YouTube.)

Isn't that great! Here is one with some pics from our road trip...

I wrote in the comment section about this one. Got a few facts wrong. Listen and post the corrections.

We need more YouTubes! Remember there is more music at Carrie's MySpaceMusic!

Here is one to keep ya going!

A bit of Muppets!

Here is an artist Carrie introduced to me...

Party game: Go listen to Carrie's songs on her MySpace music and post which one you like best. (Picking just one will be very hard - but remember today someone is going to win a signed copy of Carrie's audio book!) Her grandfather's drawing is the cover art for Carrie's audio book.

Follow Carrie's blog and her MySpace - if you are anywhere near where she is gigging, you must go! Introduce yourself and tell her I sent you.

Coming tomorrow: Jen Garsee!

The comment section is below this line. Click on the word "comments." That's where you can leave a note. eMail me if you have trouble with this...NadineLaman(at)


  1. Whoops! BRB. I didn't do the YouTube thingys right....

  2. I published a new blog today which may be helpful to us all:).
    'How To Give Up The Addiction Called Reading.'
    It can be found at
    Enjoy it!

  3. Good morning Glyn,

    Good! I'll go ck it out in a bit. I agree, no reading or writing...simply party with each other...

    I'm really enjoying sharing my friends and getting to know everyone.

    Carrie, I like the new songs you put up on your MySpace.

    xo Nadine

  4. Glyn,

    I left a note, but didn't see it post. I vote to skip the haircut.


  5. Hi Carrie,
    nice to meet you! Shave the Monkey sounds great! My son is dancing, and he reminds me of a little hobbit when he tries to dance to your music! :)

    Here are few for Nadine:
    It isn't how many blog posts one writes, it is how far they really matter!

    Blogging is fun; not always easy, but fun!


  6. Good morning, Ivy. I was watching Carrie on webcam when she read about your dancing hobbit. Big smile!

    (I just don't know quite what to say about your 'rewrites' on blogging!)

  7. Well, these thoughts (the original ones, of course) stick with me ever since I read them. Your blog posts matter to me-remember the Bulk Trash post the other day?

  8. Ivy, you are so sweet. Yes, I remember that one. Remember the lizard in my pant post?

    Carrie and her ghost stories got me started down that path. Actually, being a proper English family, they have a ghost at their house, so she says.

  9. Yes, I remember. Same happened to me once, only I screamed my head off. They say here it's a sin to kill the little lizards. I don't know exactly why... personally, I try to avoid them (and snakes and spiders and frogs) as far as a I can...

    Oh, I love ghost stories! I hope it's a nice ghost, not a poltergeist at Carries!

  10. Hi Ivy - hi everyone. Nadine's internet is down so she can't party until it's fixed.

    Oh yeah, our ghost is nice, he's called Maurice. Gives us a scare every now and then, but he's OK.


  11. Ah, just so to remind you he's there :) cute.
    Was Maurice the inspiration for your Ghost Stories?

  12. Hello distracted partner and I had some rare "us" time to indulge in.

    Congratulations to Nidhi!!!

    I look forward to catching up with the party gossip and checking out these ghost stories I've been hearing about. Oooh I love a good ghost story.

    Nadine: I would love a copy of Kathryns Beach...will e-mail my details.

  13. How are we supposed to choose...what a dilemma?

    Ok,I have to say that Carolyns Sigil speaks to me on so many levels. What a beautiful, haunting song. I picture Arthurian maidens and mystical elements. Could listen to it all fact, I probably will.

  14. My name is Summer, I am assumimg, is reference to the plight of the Native American Indians but it is actually a testament to the strength of any people or persons that have suffered repression. When I first listened to the song it conjured up memories of my escape from a bad marriage and my determination to "take back" my self esteem which, to me, is the metaphorical "land" that Carolyn sings about.

  15. I love Carolyn's music, especually "Feels Like a Lifetme" and "Breaking"!

  16. Just looked up the word Sigil on the internet...fascinating. I had no idea what it meant, no wonder I'm drawn to it. More reading up to do methinks, could be a story in this, written against the backdrop of Carolyns' song :-)

  17. Hi everyone,
    just dropping a quick hello and off to my realism and naturalism literature revising...see ya!

  18. Ah, yes, well Maurice did inspire one of the stories in my collection. And Summer is exactly as you described it ... how very astute of you. As to Sigil - be careful, for it surely works as a 'spell for change'. ;-)


  19. good morning everyone! My cable is up again. Still raining (YES! YES! YES!)

    Getting some coffee and cake, anyone need anything from the kitchen?

    xoxoxoxox Nadine

  20. Hey, I got my guitar out, let's do a sing along.... requests?


  21. It is 5 PM in the UK and 9 AM in Phoenix, shall I go find another of Carrie's YouTubes? How about Mrs. Winchester? Carrie likes to read about historical figures and tell their story.

    Mrs. Winchester's husband created the Winchester rifle. She grieved so about the people it killed that she built a mansion for their ghosts. The building went on night and day for, 30 years??? I can't remember, must look that up. She put in 1,000 windows. Some rooms have no doors. Some staircases go no where. Quite fascinating.

    The house still stands in California. It is being restored.

  22. Posted. I got a few details wrong in the above post, listen and correct how many windows.

    Who is Anne Winchester?


  23. Carrie, it's great to get to know you a little better. I think you have a great voice and your lyrics are amazing.

    You rock! (or maybe I should I say, "You, folk!?)

  24. Good morning, Susan,

    Isn't this fun to have a break from writing and marketing our books to take time to get to know each other? I'm loving it. I'm really glad I decided to do this and so many people are participating.

    There are lots of readers and that rowdy bunch from MWC stopping by, I can't believe they aren't posting. It would be fun to get to know more of them too.

    Carrie is an amazing story writer. She comes up with surprising twists in her short stories. I'm convinced now, that the only way to hear a ghost story is with a proper English accent. Her audio book is amazing. Simply amazing.

  25. Nadine here I am!
    Great girl you've got there, I really liked her music!
    "Hey, what do I know about love" is the one I pick!

    This is going great!

    Happy thoughts,
    Ella <3

  26. A wonderful singer and writer of amazing ghost stories...I am green with envy.

    Would love to hear Carries' audio book.

    BTW Nadine... you probably already know but just wanted to mention that I'm a member of MWC too.

  27. Hey Ella, Glad you came! I like that one too. She has such a mix of styles that it is hard to pick just one song, isn't it?

    I've ask my web designer if there is a way for us to place something in my blog that will play, Who Are We To Blame? It isn't an MP3 file on my comp, so I might have to take the CD over to my designer. I love that song. At first I thought it was about a war situation.

    Kate, you are? Wow, Great! I haven't been around MWC much lately, I didn't want to tell Karl I forgot my password. I know Ma isn't shy and neither is Gyppo... wonder where they are?

    I'm glad you're here. Are you having fun? Need a refill on your coffee?

    XX Nadine

  28. I just heard from Isaac (Keyna)~ he might stop by to party too.

  29. Dang - I posted and it got lost! Just to say *blush* thanks for all the nice comments. And interesting that Jannine likes the 'un produced' tracks best.

    Nad... pass the brandy, I know it's early but I had a rough day. :-)


  30. *smiles* I thought people would like a sneak peek at some of your works that aren't studio tracks yet.

    (Isn't that cool, everyone, to get to hear them now and when the CD comes out? Oh, oh, oh...if you join my newsletter list thingy on my website, I'll send out a notice when her CD is available. I think this is ... number five, is it Carrie?)

  31. Personally, and this is only a HINT, I would like a CD made of your Shave ballads.

  32. I want to take a minute and say that many of you have emailed me and shared your personal stories. I am honored with your trust.

    I want to share this, you are not alone. Things will improve. Hang on. Love is an amazing thing, such a balm. Even when we're hurting, unsure of ourselves, unsure of the future, if we give and ACCEPT the love of friendship, it will make an amazing difference.

    I am very happy you have come to the party. Let me encourage you to join in. There is a lot of 'love' here, I can feel it ~ do you guys too? We are people who need people. So reach out and touch somebody's hand... those songs were posted for a reason.

    The only gimmick to this blog party is this: No one is immune to difficulty and at the same time, no one is immune to love. This is a place, this is a time, for being together in a positive and human way. No commercialism, no isolation. Just us. Sharing life and friendship.

    I do love you, each of you.

  33. Off to post another of Carrie's YouTubes. Jeepers! We need to get more of these made. I'm thinking we need to take another road trip to snap more photos... hmmm. photos. Wonder how you post them??? I gots ideas!!! BRB

  34. I loved 'Cromary',but am fascinated by 'Mrs Winchester'- such a poignant story. If I ever make it to the states I'll have to visit that house.

    I'll keep an eye out for the next c.d....

  35. I still have Shave the Monkey CDs for sale you know (GRIN). Ooops - you said no commercialism - sorry! Meanwhile, the Shave track you requested should be upon myspace in about half an hour Nadine - it takes time to process.

    One day I'll write a love song. For now - I'm afraid doom and disaster are really my forte.

    So - come on gang ... GROUP HUG


  36. I think it is amazing ~ 10,000 windows! They are so beautiful too.

    Yes, Carrie! Group hug. MmMmMM. I love you guys! Thanks for the song, Carrie. Everyone has to go listen to Who Are We To Blame? Amazing.

    Shhhh, we can't tell my son Carrie had to take down Sean's Ride. (He was in a really bad wreck back then).

    Oh, can sell your CD. Someone just asked me where to buy Susan's book. Certainly, if someone wants something, sure...get it. Treat yourself!

    But you have to group hug first! *smiles*

  37. The Mrs Winchester story is amazing! Brought tears to my eyes... Reminds me of the A. Nobel story...

    Nadine, thanks for the encouragment! Soooo needed it today. We love you too!

    Now, did someone mention some brandy going round?

  38. Yep, just checked. Charley has a couple of bottles of yourself. There's soda on ice in the coolers on the patio. Kids are making a food run. Almost lunch here. Tea well past in the UK, want a snack? Chrisps? (did I get that right?) Can I get anyone anything?

  39. Woo-hoo! Carrie's song "Who Are We To Blame?" has loaded on her MySpace-music. heh, heh, heh... I get to be the first one to play it... look at the number of plays! I love this song!

  40. I have to say though, it was amazing to go through the [powerful] Indian School exhibit at the Heard Museum with Carrie, then to have her send me the song file. I've never been at the birth of a song before.

  41. Carrie, how did you come up with that name? It is definitely one that catches your attention!

  42. Ivy, Carrie will BRB. That is a great question. I distinctly remember the Dow Chemical spill in India that this song is about, like all of you will recall the twin towers.

    While each generation has these benchmarks, the important moments of our lives are the quiet giggle moments, the proud tears when our kids or friends accomplish one of their goals, the times like this blog party, world wide, yet within reach.

  43. It is almost 1 PM here in Arizona. 11 hours left to party on Carrie's day. There have been 44 first time visitors today with 267 page loads. That is some serious partying!

    I just saw the party notice in Carolyn H-J's newsletter and I know people are twittering this like crazy.

    Like I said in the 100th post. This is much, much more than 100 posts, this isn't about me, it is people caring about each other and having a good time!

    *dances around the room, happy as a lark*

  44. I'll be back to listen to some more great music. I am so curious to the names of some of these very unusual instruments. The one guy was winding and picking his instruments at the same time with 2 hands. The music sounds great. But for now, duty calls and I am off to the nursing home to visit my mother in law. Carrie, I am a big rocker and love country rick but love this style of music, too. You just might hook me into it more. ;o) Play on, play on.

  45. BRB...going next door to borrow more chairs!

  46. That's what friends are for!!! My gosh, I love that song. Stevie is awesome, too.

  47. HI Connie! Glad you popped in.

    I'm with you, I'd like to know what that winding instrument it. I've never seen one before.

  48. Connie, stop back by. My kids just made a food run, kick your shoes off so you can dance to all the party music. Can I get you a cold soda for the road?

    I'm off to nap. Carrie will be back soon.

    Hey Carrie, tell us what it was like making an audio book. I know you've done lots of studio time, but how was doing this book different?

  49. Hi folks. Well, I'm not sure where to star! 'My name is Summer' was named after a Cherokee I met on Myspace - she said 'My name is Summer' ... and the song was born from there. Making the audio book was fun - and the Cromarty song started that day because I met a dog called Cromarty (his mother was called Dogger - that will make the Brits smile - any who listen to the shipping forecast that is).

    Here's the story about the recording - from my blog back in March 2007. You know on my blog you can find pirates, soldiers, knights... I've had some pretty weird gigs you know!

    Right! No more brandy for me - blood test in the morning and I'm on a fast... DANG!!!

    Night all


  50. My favorite of Carrie's songs on MySpace is The Indian School. My partner has been to the Heard Museum in Phoenix and told me about the photographs. Powerful song!

  51. Ok, it's midnight here and I'm all coffeed out (thanks to Nadine). Going to sleep for a few hours...but I'll be back. Some fascinating stories around here and the more I read up on the word Sigil the better it gets. Gonna take the tune to bed (in my head of course, don't want to disturb my OH). Night, Night all...have fun!!!



  52. G'nite all you GMT people! ('cept for the night owls). It is going on 5 PM here on Pacific Coast time...I had a lovely nap. (for real).

    Guess I'll go YouTube some party tunes...

  53. Reading the comments set me thinking...*scary* Wouldn't it be fun to all meet up and party for real some day? We could tour the Heard Museum, find an open mic and go listen to Carrie gig us, hire a tour bus and head to San Jose, California...(I know the way) and see the Winchester house...and...

    See how this party idea started LAST Thursday? Yep, that much notice and we had a party!

  54. Well, Bette is all wound up, but she's NO Carrie Sheppard! See what else I can find...

  55. Bette has left the building (Elvis quote???)

    I found the MUPPETS! There ya go Andrew and the little Hobbit. (you have to follow the comments to have any idea what this means)

    Still 5 hrs to post your fav tunes!

  56. Heh heh heh... I keep getting asked, Are YOU really going to be able to keep this blog party going for 4 weeks?

    Me: Sure, why not?

    Them: But, what a marketing undertaking!

    Me: This isn't about marketing campaigns. I HATE marketing. THIS is a PARTY. We are giving away at least 25 autographed in 20 days. We are getting to know each other. We are having a good time. Yes! We can do this. I have good friends (old and new).

    C'mon, kick off your shoes and dance with me... no gimmick, it's just a party.

  57. sheesh, I really need an editor!

    *autographed BOOKS in 20 days...*

  58. You need an editor, Nadine? I need a blog manager. I am so trying to be a good sport and get involved here but I keep getting lost. I blog and then refer back to find my blog and poof, gone. (I think) I wanted to comment about Carrie's music. It is amazing and I love the lyrics. They tell a story. ;o) Great music.

  59. Oh Connie, I know! Isn't this blog stuff wild? I'm still learning. My web designer taught me something about YouTube that I'll start using in tomorrow's blog.

    Tip: on the left sidebar, is a "blog Archive" you can click on the post you want to navigate through the party days.

    Also if you click on the mast title "First Draft" at the top of the page, it will refresh and bring you to "today's" post.

    I've added red text near where to post comments for each day at the bottom of the official post.

    Come play so you are ready to help me hostess on your party day. Besides, I like having you hear every day.

    Sorry I didn't see you come in. Hope someone showed you around and made you feel at home.

    XX Nadine

  60. Notice the guy with the accordion in the Shave video. His name is Steve. Very nice bloke. He also plays the guitar.

    He wrote a song titled: (wait for this one...I can't believe I'm telling this)


    Nadine in Pyjamas

    He really is sweet and has a great voice. I'm not telling how he saw me in my pajamas.

  61. I think a whole lot of us are going to know more about blogger than we did when we started.

    When I received the error notice the other day, I just about melted. I followed the link for the 'fix' instructions and there was this: There is no 'fix' for your problem.

    I swear. Can you believe that! If it was April Fool's Day I would have thought it was a prank.

    My motto is keep clicking on the post comment button until it does post your comment. Sometimes it takes me 4 clicks.

  62. Info on Who Are We To Blame. I may have mispoke when I said Dow Chemical Company.

  63. Where are my manners? I missed saying hello to Jen, Anne, and Kate. Hello ladies!

  64. Good morning!

    Nadine, thanks for the Muppets! The little Hobbit is already dancing his feet off to the Spongebob song...

    I'm sipping my first morning coffee (yours are refilled too) and waiting for Jeannine!

  65. Good morning, Ivy...

    The post goes up at MN, which it is now. Jen is in America, so I'm guessing she isn't up yet, so guess it's you and me for awhile.

  66. Nadine... ThANK YOU! Carrie