Monday, August 10, 2009

100th Post Blog Party!

This is it! This is the 100th post. Whoo-Hoo! There's A Party Going On. Let's Celebrate! Get up and dance, sing along -- no one is watching!

Here we go!

One hundred posts might not be that many posts for some people, but those who have known me for a long time are smiling about this.

I don't want to name names for fear of forgetting someone. But there were quite a few people who encouraged, nagged, pushed, begged, and encouraged me some more to start blogging.

I've had this blog since 2007. I began posting April 2, 2009. I didn't begin on April 1, because I was sure my friends would think it was an April Fool's joke - not that I would do anything like that.

While it seems that I'm outgoing, I am very shy - partly because of my dyslexia - and that is why it is amazing that I'm [finally] blogging.

I am making a big deal about today because of these people who have shown great patience with me and faith that I would take this step in my own time. Come celebrate with me!

This is much bigger than 100 posts, this is years of friendship and encouragement from members of the writing community. If you have watched the list of writers grow on last Friday's post, you have seen a small glimpse of who these people are and what makes them so special.

The desire to write is a gift. The skills can be learned, but the desire is a gift. Readers' reactions to our little stories is yet another gift. For the coming weeks, my gift to all of you is to share my friends with you, the gifts of their books as prizes, and to share with you who we are.

Each day will be a mini-contest or game. Writers will be highlighted on most days. I'll tell you my story of knowing them, about their books, and they will co-host the day and answer questions, respond to comments, or just hang around and captain the game of the day.

Instructions: There will be instructions for each day. In the publishing industry it is very important to follow instructions EXACTLY, so that is what we'll do too.

You will need to make an appearance in the comment section to be eligible to win the book of the day and for the big drawing at the end. The comment section is wide open (as always) so you don't have to sign in or copy squiggly letters or anything. If you post a comment as "anonymous," please sign at least your first name to the comment so we can find you when you win.

To receive your prizes, you will need to give me your mailing address when I ask for it. Sometimes these will be shared with the author of the day, but they won't be used for any other purpose. I promise.

Prizes will be announced at the end of the party. That means that anyone who joins in mid-way can go back and participate in any or all of the previous days' activities too.

There is a very important surprise in the comment section of the 99th post blog from last Friday. New items can be added to the comment sections at any time by the authors, so check them often.

First party tune~ How many people guessed? Yep, the BEACH BOYS live in California ~ near Kathryn's Beach!

Video removed from YouTube...sorry!

Easy-Peeasy contest today. Look on my website to answer these questions in the comment section below. Sure you can copy each other, but how do you know the other person is correct?

1) What is the name of the California beach used as Kathryn's Beach?

2) What did Cecil B. DeMille do in 1923?

3) What is 'strange' about the back of Storm Surge?

4) even if you don't answer the questions - it is important to leave a note in the comment section - it 'signs' you into the game.

Love ya! Party Hardy.

I just want to say, you guys are the best, simply the best...

How's everyone doing? Can I get you anything? *hugs* dances off...

I love the line: We can change things...

Ya know I love you guys. Welcome to the new guests. Don't be shy...

I just heard that Karl Moore from is coming. I'll add Karl to the line-up. (Karl, I'll email you later...)

I'm going to 'Take 5' and go find the Muppets for Ivy's son...

Here ya go Ivy's child (no kid names on the internet, please)...just for you little darling...

I'm going to "Take 5" and answer a couple of questions. Below is some stuff in red. It tells you where to comment. Sorry for assuming everyone knew how to do that. You can always go back and comment on days you missed...that puts you in the big prize drawing - if you comment (even just "Hello") every day of the party.

Someone asked how to set up 'scheduled blog posts'. When you go to that 'new post' box, write your blog, look at the lower left side, above the 'publish button' - what you're looking for is "POST OPTIONS" - you can figure it out from there... then publish as usual and it will be scheduled for the time you've set. Easy! Just like that!

I've heard the comments link aren't always showing. I know. Bummer. Try clicking on the party banner at the very, very top of the page. Blogger sort of went down during the night. I put my head on my desk to wait and fell asleep! There is a lot of patience involved in using technology.

Anyway...let's get some dancing started. Matt is going to help us get warmed up... Go Matt! You Rock!

The kid in the living room with his stuff all over, the one packing for university started listening to Alabama, so I thought I'd add one of their tunes to the mix. How 'bout a little country two-step?

You know, I'm just making this up as I go. As far as I know, no one has had a block party on their blog before. So just jump right in and have fun. We're all friends here. We're setting the bar high for the next BLOG PARTY! Yeee-haw! (That's all the Texan I know.)

The comment section is below this line. Click on the word "comments." That's where you can leave a note. eMail me if you have trouble with this...NadineLaman(at)


  1. GOOOOOD Morning! (Say it like Robin Williams did in Good Morning, Vietnam)

    Ivy has the coffee going. The kettle is on for tea. The other guests are comparing notes for the contest.

    Post your answers in the comment section - even if everyone has the same answers. Everyone who comments gets a chance (it's a drawing) to win a book today.

    If you post something every day of the party, your name is added to the grand prize drawing.

    All books are signed by the author!

    (Gosh, I've got that Celebrate song stuck in my head...)

    xx Nadine

  2. Whoo hooo! She's off! Hope it goes well Nadine.

  3. Yep, me too or we are going to have lots of leftovers for lunch!

  4. Whoops! Guess I didn't can win one of my books today.

  5. Uhm...I can't open the first video...copyright restrictions for my country :( But I'm getting the Good Vibrations!

    Congratulations on your hundreth post, Nadine!
    May there be at least thousand(s) more!

    Here are my answers, to break the ice:
    1.Seal Beach, OC California
    2.filmed The Ten Commandments on Seal Beach has a box to write your own review :)

    The coffee is getting cold!

  6. Yay!!! Congratulations on your 100th post, Nadine! Keep on writing, girl, and believe in the wonderful, creative soul that you are. Much love and magical moments. x
    PS ... I don't tend to do the comping thing but sending good wishes to all who enter.

  7. Yay! It's a party! I have my second cup of coffee here and I am saluting you!
    I owe you a lot - you helped me with my blogging, too, and I want to give credit where credit is due. You have helped me to understand networking more. We shy writers have to stick together!
    Looking forward to all the fun this month.

  8. Hey Ivy!
    Sorry about the song. I KNOW you are too young to know that one. I spent hours looking for songs and found most of the ones I wanted to use where now commercialized - my term for you can't embed them in blogs because they are for sale now.

    Give me more time to work on that, hmmm, I'll see what I can do ~ that song will stick in your head, its that good.)

    Thanks for the coffee. I crashed at my desk then got up and went to bed -- heh, heh, heh...


  9. Big Hugs, everyone ~

    It is nearly 0800 in Arizona. I'm on my first cup of coffee (sissy coffee, the powder stuff with flavoring and probably waaaaay too much sugar that comes in a tin -- mmmm).

    There were 91 emails in my inbox. Thanks for all the good wishes and ALL the questions about "How does this work?"

    Sorry to be so confusing.

    It's just a blog. Write a comment (or question) every day and you're entered in the big drawing at the end of the party.

    If you want to play the party games, and I suspect eventually everyone will loosen up and join in, then go for it. It isn't like you're going to get an exam at the end ~ we're just goofing around and giving away autographed books here. I promise, there is no catch at the end. It's a party; it's that simple.

    Hey this is me, remember? I'm soooo easy going ~ ask my kids!

    I'll tell ya all a story, be right back with that...dances off...

  10. Wait! I had to go back and read that again! A 1,000 more posts? Ah, you're killing me! It took a lot to get 100 I'm so loving it.

    Now I'm humming Beach Boys...

  11. I've kicked my shoes off, still dancing...

    Whew! This is a tough crowd. I bet a bunch of you have been to those writer related 'parties' that give you something if you subscribe to the newsletter and you get automatic downloads of worthless cr*p that takes the rest of the afternoon to clear off your computer.

    This isn't that. We're just goofing around, having a good time, getting to know one another...

    Someone pick out some tunes and post Ivy said, gotta break the ice...

  12. Oh! I have one from should work!

  13. The Beach Boys should play at anyone's party!

  14. Hey Glyn! Glad you could make it (all the way from France)!

    What's your fav Beach Boys' tune? I'll see if we've got it.

  15. I saw that movie, Julie Andrews was so young and so beautiful...and she still is! The scene I remember best is when she made them dresses from these curtains! That is such a cute movie!

  16. oH yeah! The curtians! That was a stich!

    (sorry - What is in this drink *hic*)

  17. I'm coming back every little bit and adding a new song...

  18. Hi Nadine,
    Great idea.
    Your posts are full of good cheer and encouragement.
    Best wishes for your writing.
    Rohi from India

  19. Any one else coming into the kitchen? I'm making a lovely fruit punch (with a kick!)


  20. Oh Rohi, Hello! How are you? Everyone is out on the patio, some have their feet in the pool, some are dancing...those three handsome dudes over there are my kids (their dad is a kid at heart) ...c'mon - I'll introduce you around.

    Some of the writers are stopping by (it is only lunch time here)...

    I'm so glad you came...can I get you something? C'mon...

  21. yeah - one of your specials please! *hug*

  22. Hey Carrie!!! Sure I'll give you a hand! I'll get the extra ice out of the freezer, brb...

    The stuff with a kick is over there...

    True story. The nuns (real ones I know, not the ones in the books) used to have two punches when they had a specail occasion: At one end of the table was the punch WITH and the other bowl was 'WITHOUT'. I asked one what that meant. She said, if I had to ask, I was too young to know.

    Disclaimer:(BTW -- We're just goofing around trying to wind this up a notch. We are not suggesting anyone drink anything in particular *hic*. Remember we all write fiction...we tell stories and make stuff up.)

  23. Hey everybody, everybody! ...I just had an email that Karl Moore is coming over. Yep, Karl from -- the one who interviews all those famous writers! Yep, that Karl.

    I'll get an email back to you, Karl and add you in the line-up.

    And everyone else, I'm working my way through the emails...I'm gonna put on some more music.

    I'm thinking KOKOMO... (got you sining it already, haven't I?)

  24. Oh and the disclaimer is a joke. I'm serious about not avocating any certain lifestyle, but calling it a disclaimer was a joke (my hubby is a lawyer -- do you guys still love me?)

  25. I'm back! You have quite a party going on!

    Thanks for the BSB. The music of my youth. And I may be young, but these are evergreens. Shame on those who don't know them.

    I wanted to copy the link for Kokomo in Muppets version, but it wouldn't let me! That was my son's choice for the party. But we still danced our feet off here.

  26. Ivy,

    I'll put up some Dave Brubeck while I 'Take 5' to find the muppets for your son...

  27. yahhh... hic.... I tried the 'kick' an now ... burble burble... grea... party Nad..

    zzzzzzzzzz :-)

  28. He's long asleep, its 11:15 p.m. here, but I'll make sure he sees it in the morning. I'm writing :) and jumping over to you.
    Is it allowed to write on writer's parties?

  29. Oh, right. Did you see the blog where I used to lie about the time to the boys when I was VERY ready to get the three of them in bed and sit down?

    Teaching them to tell time was a sad day for me.

    Oh my yes...write. By all means, write! I was going to have some writing tomorrow, but it isn't obligatory...

    Oh Friday is going to be really funny when Jen is here. Shhhhh, I haven't told her about it yet!

  30. My mom used to do that. When we grew old enough to tell time, and we saw her through, she would simply move the clock forward. No objections on that.

    I have read Jen's blog, she's hilarious!

  31. Just wait until you get the TWO of us together! OMGosh!

    The thing is, I know most of these writers personally so who knows what will happen when we get wound up.

  32. Can't wait to see that!
    I read the blogs or been to pages of everyone on your list. Amazing people.

    I'm calling it a day, my main character has started to yawn and switch from one couch to another so I better stop before I write 1000 words on how she fell off the couch...I better go and write a post for my blog...

  33. Hi there, have we started yet??? Must be the time difference thing cos I'm sat here at 23.54pm in dark, wet York (the old one) UK and I was just having my last hot drink of the day when I got a message from Nick Daws telling me there was a party going on...There is? GREAT!!!...let me make myself another coffee then, perhaps with a tot o rum. Be right back!!!

  34. Kate! Hello, yes...there's a party going on. Looks like it is going on for days and depending on people's locations, it could go on all day and night. New posts come at MN Pacific Time or 0800 GMT. Did you see Nick is in our author line-up? Kool, eh? If you know Karl too, he is joining the party too.

    I was reading your blog the other day - really enjoyed it. Save me the time to look up the address and drop it in a comment so everyone can know you...please.

    Mind if I join you in the coffee? A toast! To all the wonderful people we meet and love.


  35. Marsha Stewart, photographer in the UK (from Arizona), came by and offered a PRIZE for the Guest Author (book contributors) who has the most comments on their day. (Mine and the guest author's comments aren't counted.)

    So there is a prize for the prize donners! How cool is that! Marsha blogs here:

  36. Wow, Nadine, I love the party idea. It took something as extraordinary as this to drag this old gal into the 21st century! Believe it or not, I was already partway there with a Google account (thanks to Marilyn Haight for teaching me about Google Alerts!) - just had no idea how to use it. Watch out, though. You may just have created a monster since I'm starting to get an idea of what this blog stuff is all about! It starts with FUN! Let the PARTY begin!!! I may be a little late getting here, but I've been with you in spirit all day long. You go girl!

  37. Hi Cathy! You made it in plenty of time. It is just going on 5 PM here. (We live in the same town-heh,heh,heh.)

    Oh your book arrived today (Other authors, please don't send them to me unless we arrange it.)

    I have some good stuff thought up to write about you on your day! Oh yeah!

    I'm glad you came by...

    xx Nadine

  38. Hi honey!
    Happy 100th!!! I'm past that number and I didn't celebrate :(
    But I'll do it for my 200th! If budget lets me! LOL

    Look forward to the party celebrations!


  39. Hello Nadine, and all. Congrats on reaching 100, you don't look it from your

    now, I'm sitting here and cannot think of a solitary thing to say, therefore, farewell, and slam one for me.

  40. Conrgrats on 100 posts Nadine and thanks for inviting me to join this project! Good call on the Muppets song. That reminds me...I need to start working on my Halloween costume!


  41. Sorry...had to run to the store for more chips/chrisps.

    Ella! Hello, darling! I was wondering if you were comiming. You are an inspiration to ME, so I really hope people visit your blog and read your works. Copy/paste the link below.

  42. Kev! What! We are the SAME age, you goof. (We went to grade school together.)

    You always were quiet. Probably couldn't get a word in with me all chatty and that.

    I'm glad you came. Pull up a chair. Can I get you anything? Have you had dinner, their grilling over there...

    xx Nadine

  43. Hello Andrew!
    Are you going to be a Muppet this year? I'll have to have pics again this year.

    Last year you were the blinking nose guy in the game Operation, weren't you? I never did figure out how you made a costume that looked like that game board.

    C'mom over and meet Kevin, Ella, Cathy...

  44. The Oscar the Grouch costume was a hit in 2007, so I figured I try out another Muppet this year. I'm actually trying to recreate the entire Electric Mayhem band. Can you guess which member I'm going to be? I still have my Operation didn't get the appreciation it deserved in Houston, so it may make another appearance this year.


  45. Ooh, Andrew. Oscar would be golden. Maybe you can go to preschools and read a Muppet book to the kids. (I don't know if they would take candy from Oscar???)

    Let's see...I'm not going to look at the pics on your website to refresh my play drums and um...I forgot. Tell?


  46. At least three kids cried when they saw me as Oscar The Grouch. But that would be a good idea. This year I'm going for 'Animal'. My favorite Muppet.


  47. HEY! I made it. Happy 100th post! My power will be out all day tomorrow (arghhh! internet withdrawal!) but I'll check in tomorrow night when I get home. And since it will still be Tuesday in AZ (like it's still Monday right now) I won't be slacking. :) xx

  48. Ooooh Animal would be a good one. You know, you could have a career as a costumer. I hope you are keeping all of these costumes. Your kids will love them.


  49. Wow my different time zone nearly caused me to miss this party! I have just left another 100th post party (hic) and now am here at another.
    Here is a bucket of village wine,to help the mood. What great video's and wonderful post!

  50. Fave Beach Boys other than Good Vibrations would be 'Do It Again'

  51. Glyn...spinning that vinyl now! Go listen!


  52. I've added N'Sync here in place of the one that couldn't be viewed out of the USA yesterday.

    (more than one way to float this boat)


  53. Way to go Nadine, this is some party you have going on here. I just took a peek at Carries music and Beach Busker has to be my fave. I love the sea.