Thursday, July 2, 2009

Will you go public for a cap?

Okay all you shy darlings. How 'bout a bit of bribery to get a book review?

I have three white ball caps that say, "Nadine Laman Books" with a stylized wave, in blue of course. They are pretty cool looking. I'll give one to the FIRST person who writes a short book review on my filedby page.

You can write on one or all of the books you have read. The first different person to write a review on each book's page gets a ball cap - FREE.

Send me an email when you've written the review.

What you do:

* Read my books
* Go to
* Sign-in as a reader (FREE)
* Search for me by name
* Click on a book cover
* Write a short review
* Email me when you're done - TaDa!

(If you want to see a review I wrote, search Susan Gabriel on

1 comment:

  1. Carolyn 'Carrie" Sheppard took the challenge and I've posted her review as a guest blogger. She'll put it up on filedby too.

    Kevin Beers wrote a review on filedby. Yeah, pretty good that so many guys read (and like) Kathryn's story. That has been a delightful surprise.

    Thanks, Carrie and Kevin. Keep 'em comming guys!