Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tempus Fugit

Business is a learning curve. The one regret I have in all of this is listening to advice to lower my book price to be competitive with NY publisher's books. I've never given a flip what everyone was doing, so I have no idea why I thought that was a good idea. I don't have the budget they do to print thousands of books, nor the distribution or marketing departments they have. If they are so smart, why are they in financial troublet? What WAS I thinking? The lower price made no difference in sales from before. If people want a book they buy it, if they don't -- you can't give it away.

What it did do was exclude distribution. There wasn't enough profit margin to tolerate a split with a distributor and the wholesale price required by retailers.

My books still aren't on Amazon. Nothing wrong with Amazon, I just haven't bothered to read the instructions for how to do it. Besides, I'm well convinced that all my sales from third party and online retailers in the past, I drove there.

To correct that lapse in judgement, the prices of my books are on the rise. New covers have been submitted to my printer. The suggested retail price change has been submitted to the powers that be. Frankly, I don't care what their opinion is, books get discounted all the time. So this is nothing all that different, other than I'm not placing stickers over the old price and bar scan. I think that would just look way too hinky.

So you've been warned. If you have put off buying my books for whatever reason, once the lower price books are gone, they are gone. Until then, I will give the low price on all three books even though some of them will have the higher price on the cover. If that doesn't make sense, let me say, I have ordered another run of Storm Surge, with the new price. But until all the KB and HT with the low price are gone, the price will not change.

You might have noticed the free stuff icon on the left side of my blog. Follow that link to see the special on the trilogy. For a limited time, you get a free journal when you buy the whole trilogy at once. If you know anything about Kathryn's story, you know why you get a journal. I designed it to match the books.

The final change in operation is likely to be shipping. As it stands now, out of country shipping has been charged at the lower US shipping rate. We noticed that right off, but ignored it. Most of my fans are outside the US and I have a fondness for you for giving me my start in all of this, but the rates will have to adjust.

Tempus Fugit.


The final big piece of news comes tomorrow.


  1. Hey how about a calendar of all those cool beach photos- is that coming in our future as well?????? ;-)

  2. Oh darlin', you know it! The file is on my desk. We will be reconstructing the gift shop with new and way much better cool stuff. (How's that for good grammar? Eeeek.)

    I still have the calendar file that you and I compiled. I have the new software I needed for the photo conversions for it.

    I've been putting a book into production for someone in England through my imprint. I have a few things to send to Asmaa for their publication of the (American) English version of KB and stuff for them for the translation. I'm very excited about that. It was so hard to wait to make the announcement. I'm sure they will make the official announcement.

    I should be able to work on the calendar by mid-week, next week. I'll email you when I finish it! We'll party!

    xo Nadine