Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sappy stuff

I started a blog piece on writing. But what I'm really thinking about is mushy stuff. Going public with my writing has had an added benefit beyond putting words to paper and gluing them into a cover.

I'm missing my friend Ursula and don't know where she has gone. She is the reason I chose Saint Ursula in High Tide.

Then I started thinking about the other people's names I used in the stories, not necessarily to represent them, but as an homage to our friendship.

That led to thinking about the people I've met because of these little books, and how much knowing them has made my life richer. As odd as that sounds, it is true, though I haven't met some of them in person. It's funny how over years quite a closeness can develop through emails ... and sometimes by reading each other's books or manuscripts. As my friend Asmaa once said, you can see into each other's soul.

Even the friendships with people I have known most of my life has added a new dimension because of the books. In discussing Kathryn and her misadventures we have learned new things about each other that never came up before.

All I can say is that being a writer is a great honor. And your friendship is the greatest honor.


  1. It ain't a bad thing, being sappy (or soppy, as we Brits would say). Your little books, as you call them, have brought me lots of pleasure too. Not the least of which was visiting you last year and actually making it to Seal Beach. Keep writing Nadine, you give a lot with your words my friend.

  2. Hello Carrie,

    I see you posted the trilogy book review you wrote on your blog, WITH a photo of me at the beach! (One of the first with my hair longer.) We did have fun walking the beach, collecting shells, eating at Ruby's and the other eateries!

    Then off to the Grand Canyon to make snow angels. I'm glad you visited.

  3. That's lovely Nadine, and I am proud to think of you as my very special email friend. I have learnt a lot from you hope the feeling is mutual.

  4. BTW, I haven't forgotten that English tea and cake ! Now where's my kettle ...

  5. Yes June, the feeling is very mutual. We have been good friends for many years, now all we have to do is meet. I look forward to tea with you when I come to England.

  6. Nadine,
    I have to agree with your friend Asmaa. When you read someone's writing, it's like uncovering a veil from what you knew (or maybe didn't)about a person. If we are willing to admit or not, every writer puts more of himself into the book, particularly the characters, than intended. Especially those who know you personally will recognize these parts.
    I'm particularly glad to have met you. Whether I ever get published or not-it's irrelevant now-thank you for sharing your experience!

  7. Ivy,

    Your writing is relevant -- more than you can know at this moment. Never in my wildest dreams did I pause to understand that an unedited email short story would so deeply touch so many people.

    If the eye is the window of the soul, then stories are its voice.

    Keep writing.

  8. Okay, now I'm screaming and crying. Will you mind if I quote this sentence in my blog?

  9. Ivy,
    You make me smile. Quote all you like!
    xo Nadine

  10. BTW, after 4 years, found Ursula. (insert big grinning smiley!)