Wednesday, July 1, 2009

OMG! OMG! Oh My Gosh!

Joyce and I are on a roll again. We are adding audio to my website. Check it out! There is a welcome message on the home page, and two messages on the 'meet Nadine' page. One is me talking about bio stuff, where I grew up and all that. The other is about being a writer with dyslexia.

Unlike the off-the-cuff audio messages I sometimes send out with my newsletter notice, these are scripted. It is an experiment and still a work in progress - I might need to purchase better recording equipment. The plan is to add audio to each of the excerpt pages. Those will be about writing the books, not readings from the books.

Go, check them out.

Oh and the July newsletter is posted on my website. The website link is on the sidebar to the left.

Here is the link to the waaaay best website designer ever!


  1. I just played them on your website - I think its a really nice personal touch, engages the site visitor far more than just words on a page. They can hear you, relate to you better with audio. That is - if they have speakers! :-) Well done Nadine and Joyce, innovative as ever.

  2. I listen to them in a but and get back to you!

  3. I wish the quality of the sound was better, but will have to do for now.