Thursday, July 30, 2009


Last day in Prescott for a while. Nice town. The people are very friendly. Seems genuine too.

Check this out:

Catch ya when I get back to the valley. Love ya guys!


  1. Susan sent me that too - I love the idea. I'll keep my channels open, let's hope the neighbour's remote doesn't keep changing it for me! :-)

  2. If the neighbor's remote is a problem, we'll go hide it. This was a timely post by Susan, I thought.

  3. I thought of you when I posted this one, Nadine. There seems to be lots going on in the world of "work" for both of us.

  4. Susan,

    Best wishes in your new endeavor. May many good things come your way.

  5. Just heard that I did not get any of the seven slots that were open. Must be doing something wrong, because I can do this job - better than most people I've seen do it. Oh well.