Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I have arrived!

The trip up the mountain to Prescott was easy. I kept the music off and enjoyed watching the scenery change from valley cacti to mountain cacti, then to mountain scrubs. Prescott is at 5300 feet, so not as high as Flagstaff with the tall pines.

It is an old town, established toward the end of the Civil War (1864). I can hear my British friends laughing because that isn't OLD, but for the west, it is. I noticed that the store fronts didn't look like they had done a revitalization project, looks like things were just kept up as they needed it, rather than restored. That seems nice.

I went and found the office and looked at a couple of rentals I found online, then tracked down the rental agency.

Then settled in my room to hem my slacks - I don't want to hear one word about being height challenged.

Tuesday, I went to check out the town a bit more. It is a mountain town and I was beginning to worry there was a city ordnance requiring 4x4 vehicles, but have seen some cars today.

One thing for sure, everything is built on hills. I'm not sure there is one traffic light at a level intersection. It does seem everyone drives a standard up here. When the light changes, the whole line of cars rolls back in unison, then we go forward. It is a bit strange, since I don't normally do that unless the car in font of me is doing that. But I got into the idea and so far no problems.

Like I said, everything is built on a hill. When I went to Target, there was a shopping cart escaping. It was going down hill faster than I was going up. At the bottom of the drive is the highway, so I don't know how that worked out. It wasn't there when I left the store - maybe it is half way to Phoenix by now.

I walked around downtown and in about 6 blocks, my legs and seat were feeling the inclines. I'll have to do that more often, seems to work for getting this writer in shape. (hope I'm not limping tomorrow for my interview). I still remember when I started ballet lessons I could hardly walk for a week. That is an imprinted memory, I assure you.

So I have the stuff to press the new hems and have my fingers crossed for tomorrow. I'm staying an extra day to look at houses on Thursday. The guys seem just fine without me.


  1. Visions of a runaway trolley! :-) Sounds like a song?...

  2. Okay. I dare you, no - double dog dare you!

  3. on a personal note, it's hard to beat whiskey row in Prescott. across the street from the courthouse, it has the benefits of very nice scenery, and close proximity to libations........bottoms up, (love that Boddington's)

  4. Yes, I liked Prescott. I prep'd for the interview so I didn't go out much at night...but did wander around during the afternoons.

    I haven't heard the outcome of the interview yet. Fingers crossed.