Thursday, April 9, 2009


If there is a bike in a yard and someone who does not own the bike tells a passerby it is okay to take the bike, how many people committed the theft?

If the new 'owner' uses the bike for a paper route to earn money, who does the earnings belong to?

What if it isn't a bike that is taken, but words in a book?

I don't understand how a library (or anyone) can give permission for a book to be scanned by someone else to use to generate (lots of) money, and not think there was anything wrong in what they were doing. (Think about the forces and motives involved.)

There is a huge difference between buying a book and buying the rights to a book. Only people with the rights to a book can assign those rights to another party.

Serving notice: My copyrights are enforced.


  1. What? No comments from my writer friends? This lawsuit about writer's rights is all over the media in the US and UK.

  2. I've decided to opt out of the class in the class action suit. Those who have filed an amicus brief have missed the point important to me, and I am obliged to think they are the newest Village Idiot.

    Just thought I'd what is best for you, if you are part of the class. You would have been notified, if you are.