Friday, April 3, 2009

Marking time

Who knew 'customize' and 'dashboard' both lead to 'edit posts'! (Probably everyone, except me. Oh well.)

I was happy to see, though I probably can't find it again, the Time Zone option to set time for this blog. It offered Pacific Time, which we are part of the year. Another option was Mountain Time (Denver, Colorado), which we are part of the year.

Finally, I saw that Arizona Time was an option -- as it should be. Arizona is the only mainland (or 'lower 48') state that does not change time. Forget "Spring forward, Fall back" to adjust the time here. We don't change our time -- wise decision, btw.

I think we should do things naturally like the Native American's did before we came and 'organized' things. They made or found places where the equinox sun or full moon struck on a specific place to mark the time changes. That's good enough for me.

When I was single and lived where the time follows Daylight Savings, I had three clocks: The microwave, oven/stove timer, and my alarm clock (and a watch). It didn't take much to reset the time and be right with the world again, not that I used my alarm clock (more on that some other time).

The bad thing about children learning to tell time is you can't 'fudge' on bedtime, if you're tired. The good thing is they are delighted to run around the house on a scavenger hunt to find all the clocks and reset them -- not necessarily in sync with each other, but they get reset. They set them all at 9:01, but it may not still be 9:01 by the time they find the last clock. (Kids are marvelously entertaining.)

It was always a relief when my body adjusted to the time change. Unfortunately, that was about two weeks before the next time change.

Well, time for me to go do something else.


  1. Hi!
    Good to see you here! LOL,

  2. HI! You commented! Thanks for the edits on Storm Surge. You're a peach! Thank you.

  3. Oh funny, I just learned there is a little pencil icon at the bottom of the post that links to 'edit posts' jeepers!

  4. When I lived in Phoenix, I liked that the time didn't change, hated that we were running against the flow more than half the year. LOL

    Carolyn Howard-Johnson

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  6. Well, I know what happens when you delete something. Blogger blabs!

  7. Carolyn, I love Phoenix too -- Because: no time change, no bugs (spiders are not bugs, technically), no blizzards or ice storms; and because manicured vegetation is cool, sunshine every day, something blooms all the time, mountains, desert, metropolitan-ness, Arizona State University, and some other stuff.

    Carolyn Howard-Johnson is here: