Sunday, April 5, 2009

DemYStifying dyslexia [DYS-ing my dyslexia]

Let's make this easy, so we can sit back and enjoy our time together. There are tons of 'types' of dyslexia. The easiest (and unscientific) way to explain mine to 'normal' people is to say that written English is my second language. Keep in mind, American English is the only language I've ever spoken.

The person who tanked in foreign language class likely did so because they thought in their primary language, then translated into the language they were learning. Of course, the trick is to think in the second language.

With me, I think in my first language (dyslexia) and translate into WRITTEN English when I write. To read, I translate written English into my first language, then into spoken English. As you can see, it is a bit easier for me to write than to read, because there is one less translation in the process.

The reason I titled this blog FIRST DRAFT is because it is what it is. I'll do my best. If my errors are annoying, this isn't the blog for you. If they are laughable, then come get some stress relief at my expense.

Next: a word about writing fiction. Fiction is lies, all lies. Fiction writers hope they are believable lies, but fiction isn't true. (And neither is anything I write about people in this blog.) As a writer, I tend to exaggerate and go for the dramatic punch line to make my point. Other times, I will 'sincerely' propose the opposite of what I believe or something outrageously stupid to make my reader think.

I've written three [very popular] novels, so 'handicapped' is a relative term. Let's don't let 'handicaps' define people.

Look what I saw after I wrote this blog:

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