Saturday, November 12, 2016

I suddenly love Janet Reid

Janet Reid is a literary agent. We have never met and are not likely to meet. However, on her blog she said read your submission aloud.
How many times have I said that? A bazillion.

It is even better if you print your ms, and read it aloud to someone who has not read it yet. I usually give a copy of the ms to the listener to follow along. That way, they can catch when you read it different from what is written.
Of course, what you read is better than what you wrote, so make changes on your copy and fix the ms when you finish reading.
I'm 100% serious about this. How can you not want to use the paper when it can make the difference of someone picking up your ms or not? Reading on the monitor is simply not the same as seeing it in print.
After all the hours put into writing do not skimp on the final polish. Cactus Rain sometimes will make recommendations and give a second chance to get it right, but most people in this industry do not give second chances so make sure you are querying with your best product.

The other issue Janet lists is not following the submission guidelines. This industry, like most others, has expectations, norms, and 'rules of conduct.' Otherwise, it would be pure anarchy. If you don't think that you need to follow our submission guidelines, think again. We won't read what you sent, if you didn't send the right stuff. Don't waste our time. You aren't that special that the rules don't apply to you. Prepare for a ton of rejection letters. 

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