Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Great New Website

Joyce finished several weeks of a major overhaul of the Cactus Rain Publishing website. You must see it. The results of her work are awesome!

I love the process each time Joyce and I do this to the website. Wouldn't it be wonderful to simply other aspects of our lives in this way?

Check it out! It is cleaner, simpler, more packed with easily accessed information. Let me know what you think...

Thursday, June 2, 2016

carpe momentum

My close friends know not to expect a once-a-year-gift on their birthday, though sometimes I do deliver. What is important is the daily gift of respect, encouragement, compassion, and love. I do random acts of kindness and, yes, sometimes gift things simple or grand that I see along life's journey.
I have a terrible time reconciling the intent of people who will be awful throughout the year, then give gifts for birthdays or Christmas. I can't help pitying such people because they must be hurting to be so unkind. Pity isn't a gift and I do try to come up with a different emotion, but sometimes one just has to go with what they have.
Some people meditate or practice yoga daily. I practice 'appreciation' of the people around me, and those I've known. Sometimes the simplest act by someone has been life changing for me without their knowing. I'm not embarrassed to tell them how much I appreciate them or what they did, and what it meant to me.
Life is short. I used to have a dance bag that had on it, "Life is not a dress rehearsal." It goes beyond carpe diem. Maybe carpe momentum is a better fit; seize the moment.
When I look back over the journey so far with Cactus Rain Publishing, I think of the people I've met. In this video are some who have passed, but all touched my life profoundly.