Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Plan B

There was no new information forthcoming about the picture in the post below or its photographer. Bummer. Someone somewhere must know of its source, but this post didn't become far reaching enough to connect with the creator.
Thus the idea for Plan B. We want to use this photo in a cover art. Next best thing is to put the word out that we are looking for a photo similar to the photo below. We would like a photo of a fat-footed little girl dancing on her daddy's feet. We'd like the sense of ease that this is a common occurance between these two.
Does anyone know of such a photo? Please ask around.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Need HELP!

We are looking for the person who holds the rights to this photo. (See below.) Please post this on your social media accounts and help us out with finding this photographer.

Any assistance is appreciated. Post away and see how far reaching you can send this request.

I might even come up with a gift for the person who locates this photographer or the right's holder.

This is where we found the photo. No response from them to date...