Monday, May 5, 2014

Writer's Block?

To me, writer's block is laughable. Writers write. Period. That's what we do.
Can you imagine going in for an operation and the doctor says that he isn't in the mood to remove your gallbladder today, so he did a few surgery exercises like practicing stitches, and now you have a nice scar or two on your knee? Sorry, I don't buy writer's block.
I don't buy mindless writing exercises and writing prompts. I don't buy that any writing is writing and these things are meant to prime your creative pump. Writers write. Quit acting like this is a hobby, unless it is. Turn off the telly, put your bum in the chair, and get to work; that's what professional writers do.
In addition to writing, spend time every week learning about the craft. Set aside time to learn about the industry. And, learn about your audience. Who are these people?
Getting published isn't an entitlement. If you want someone else to put their money into publishing your project, then you need to put on the professional mindset and get to work.
I know someone who has been working on a novel since 2001. True story. I know they're busy, but I can't believe there is much committment to being a writer. When we were kids, being a writer is all she talked about. (I was going to grow up to be a nurse, like my mother.)
I guess neither one of us grew up to be what we thought, but I don't join "Nurse groups" who meet monthly and talk about nursing. I don't tell people that I'm working on being a nurse and have a nurse kit on my desk. (I don't know what a nurse kit is, but I don't have one.)
The point is, being a writer is a profession like anything else. Writer's block is a myth. Writers write. Go write something wonderful.


  1. Well, thank you Nadine. Writer's write. Time to turn off all the excuses I've made up. I know it's been a long while since I showed up here, but I've been prompted to go ahead and publish my little short story that won your first short story contest back in 2010. It's going up on Kindle. :-)

    1. Hello, Peggy! Yes, turn off the excuses. But I don't recall that you are one who uses excuses. Good luck on your Kindle project.