Sunday, May 25, 2014


A wonderful way to lose track of time is to go to a website of fonts. The comment sections are full of information about font creation.
Book designers have their favorite typeface (fonts) and if you know to look, you can spot their signature style in the interior of the book.
Most of the literature regarding book design indicates that it is best to use fonts with serifs. Serifs are the little hooks on the ends of font strokes. It seems that the idea is that these hook or connect the letters together, so the reader can easily move from word to word.
Being dyslexic, the serifs are a curse for me to read. Being "wired different" the cute little hooks add too much information to process quickly. I default to using Tahoma, a non-serifs font that is on most computers. While it is non-traditional, why would I spend the money to publish books that I can't read without my eyes tiring?
Check it out for yourself. Type something and see how it looks in other fonts on your computer. Or even better, go play at one of the font sites online.

I have several [paper] book about fonts and typeface, and design. Font books are another great way to lose track of time. Head over to your local bookstore and check them out!

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