Friday, May 30, 2014

Typeface II, the sequel

I like to look for fonts for book covers. It is half finding what is imagined and half imagining the look of the fonts found. Be sure to buy the licence, if you're using someone else's font. You wouldn't take kindly to them using your book without buying it, right?
To the right is a book cover that was proposed. The book was/is set in India and the author is Indian. When I saw the font, I knew it was the one to use. I did the ink drawing of the tree. I don't know if it will show very well in this picture.

In the end the book was published by another publisher, so this cover isn't on the copy of the book you can buy on Amazon. 

The book cover above is for a story set in England and the author is English. It is the best selling book for Cactus Rain Publishing.

Very clearly, the font for the title is not Old English. It doesn't look like lace. However, I liked the look of the way the letters were drawn in contrast to the ink/line drawing. Notice the linen paper look beneath the yellow wash? Rich.

It is a beautiful pen and ink drawing. There are sites where art and the license to use it can be purchased.

As I look at these covers I notice that unwittingly, I've developed a signature for my cover designs. Made me smile at the realization of it. Can you see it?

This cover above is the latest addition to Cactus Rain Publishing.
It is set in Kiev by a Ukrainian author. The book  debutes on June 1, 2014.
For this cover, I wanted a font/typeface that gave the impression that it was Russian. None of the fonts that I tested gave the look I wanted for the cover. (Most of the font sites I use allow a space to type in the text and see how it will look.)

The drawing was done by the author's friend, artist Laura Mitchell.

Come to and check out these books!

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