Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"Take Five"

Barely able to play the radio and certainly not a musical instrument, I admire musicians like one would expect of a non-musical person.

One person I really admire is Dave Brubeck, the jazz genius. Dave died today, as we all will. However, his idea that jazz should be 5/4 time has always fascinated me. He said that if we didn't play something unconventional once in a while, we don't move forward in Jazz.

The argument could be made that the same is true of most things. There is one person on the Cactus Rain team who has, what I believe to be, a nearly photographic memory. She reads mss for me, and the most important asset is that she points out when someone is borrowing from another work.

In whatever you do, dare to be unconventional. Be your authentic self in your writing [or music].

Watch Dave here: