Monday, November 12, 2012

Irene Watson

Recently, I had a bit of good news that I was going to share with Irene. The last time we talked she was excited about doing something new. And finally, I had something new to tell her. But she died last week, so I guess she already knows my news. I know she would be delighted with it.

We often talked shop. Of course, there were the industry tips we'd share. The one thing we were safe to do with each other was to be brutally honest about the publishing industry in ways that it isn't politically correct to be with just anyone. That was refreshing. I liked that about Irene, among other traits that probably everyone who knew her liked about her.

I will miss her. But my publishing experience is much richer for knowing her.

Get her book, The Sitting Swing, and meet my friend, Irene Watson.