Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Lacemaker's Daughter

The latest book published by Cactus Rain Publishing has me quite excited. The Lacemaker's Daughter was written by Diane Keziah Robertson without the heavy syrup of show-offish historical detail. Keep in mind that I've read this book 20-30 times in the last year; from manuscript to publication.

Yet, Diane has me, the reader, sitting outside a thatched-roof cottage in Devon, England with Susannah and involved in her life within minutes. Before I knew it, I was fully anticipating the day she got her first pair of [used] boots after walking in the snow barefooted.

Like any mother, when Susannah does something impulsive, I think, "No! No, don't do that!" And when she does something wise or brave beyond her years, I think how proud her mother would be of her.

Even though Diane's sister's research found Susannah, a child lace maker, in their family tree, the Susannah in the story isn't real in historical context. But I forget all of that as I read this delightful, inspiring story and get lost in the lives between the pages.

The book is available now. This is a book you'll want to read again, even if you never read books twice.