Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Read any good books lately?

It's five AM and the mowers are rolling across the golf course (I hate that noise!). I'm sorting through emails before work.

Work? Yes, by day I'm a social worker who works with people who have developmental disabilities. Pretty cool job.

Anyway, the point I'm aiming for is that amidst the email from the lawyer and the advertisement with coupon for business supplies, is the daily feed of publishing news.

There is an article or two about price fixing and how eBooks are too expensive (really? it isn't my fault you bought an expensive eReader).

Forgotten is the time and expertise that goes into creating a book out of an ms. Not to mention that there are several prevailing digital formats to address. Am I the only one who remembers BETA and VHS?

The discussion should be a bit less about price (and price fixing) and a bit more about content. What is a well crafted story worth?


  1. Is it a good idea to admit to remembering VHS and Beta?
    Actually I remember 78s.

  2. I'm reading 'Pillars of the Earth' at the moment. A huge book and it's taking me forever, but it's a good book. I am enjoying the time lag in reading, it paces the story well too.

    I still have some 78s of my grandmother singing.

  3. Carrie, I know you've read Glyn's Doc. Just wait until you read the book that CRP is publishing next! I think you'll love it.