Sunday, August 14, 2011

Desert Storms and Rewrites

I sat on the patio this afternoon, well used to the heat, and read mss. This is a photo of the monsoons rolling across the desert.

I've given a lot of thought to how specific I should be about rewrite requests to the CRP authors. The other day I asked my friend Jen Garsee what kind of direction she gets for her rewrites.

I know she disappears when she is doing rewrites and it isn't until they are done, by the deadline, that anyone hears from her. Jen writes for one of the major publishers and has her third YA novel coming out soon. (Links below.)

Here is what she said, which makes me think I do far too much handholding:
The rewrites depend on the book. I had a TON of rewrites with Before.After...almost none with Say The Word...and a lot of editing in the third-- not really rewrites, just needed to cut and tighten. Luckily my agent gives me a lot of advice before it even goes out to my editor [at Bloonsbury USA Children's Books].

ps The rewrite suggestions are never detailed. They just say "I need a scene with blah blah" or "Can you make this character a bit more likeable?" or "We need a transition here..." I have to figure it out myself lol.

Jeannine Garsee
Bloomsbury USA Children's Books

Check out Jen...she writes hysterical blogs.

For more Arizona weather info: We've had several haboobs - it is a strong wind in the desert; a sand storm.


  1. You gotta do the rewrites or there's no point in writing the novel in the first place!

  2. True. If you want to see it in print and don't want to do rewrites, there are places to get it printed.

    However, there is a huge difference between a printed ms and a published one.

  3. Then you have the copy edits, lol... *whimper*

  4. No kidding, Jen. But that last polishing of the ms is well worth the time, right?