Sunday, June 12, 2011


I'm a year older, today isn't my birthday, but it was a few days ago. I'm huge on reflecting and planning, especially when landmarks come and go.

One thing I'm wondering is whether I have any more awesome bits of wisdom to pass on to budding writers. Not that I'd want you to wade through all the posts to find the information, but haven't I said it all by now?

What questions do you have about writing? Let's see if anyone leaves questions in the comment section. Or even comments in the comments. Also, if you think it is time to retire this blog, say can use the anonymous setting, if you'd like.


  1. Nadine,

    Personally, I would be sorry to see the end of these posts.

    As a 'rookie', I have found them very helpful. But, as with most things, it all boils down to what else you have on the go and the time available.

    If you are looking for 'votes', mine would be 'Continue please.'

    Diane Keziah Robertson

  2. Hi Diane,

    As long as it isn't boring, I can easily keep going.

  3. Nadine, I enjoy dropping by to see your words of wisdom. Belated birthday wishes and I hope the wedding plans for your son are coming together. :)

    With regard to creative writing, what resource books do you recommend?

  4. Glynis,

    That's a good question. I think everyone has their favorites. I'll write a post on my favorites with some general ideas for finding good fits for you.

  5. I realised it was your birthday. It was marked in my diary and I knew precisely what I was going to send. My son has been in hospital for three months though and I'm afraid my mind was elsewhere. But, it will go in the post this week.
    Happy Belated Birthday.
    Love Glynx

  6. Glyn, you are so sweet. And, I have decided to continue the blog. But have made other major change decisions. Whoo-hoo!

  7. Glyn, Sorry to hear about your son. Is he on the mend?