Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tempus Fugit

Lately there has been more than the usual emails asking if the current work is finished and if I now have time to read xyz ms.

I don't think anyone realizes how many times I go through a ms pending publication. I can almost quote it by the last reading (marking all over it). It is a wonder the author (any author) still emails me after all the times the ms has been sent back for rewrites. On the other hand, not every publisher has the patience for works that require multiple rewrites.

Most of the time it has been a gracious exchange with many patiently withheld frustrations - I'm sure. The ones who won't do rewrites get sent packing.

Here's why:


  1. So true! I'm just giving an opinion on the first three chapters of a novel. And I get bsck criticisms of my criticism! I don't want to know!
    I'm doing the author a favour. (This WAS NOT an author associated with Cactus Rain - or I would not be making the comment.)

  2. Glyn, you set the bar high for eveyone who follows at Cactus Rain. The first think I test when someone queries is whether they will take direction without fussing with me. I don't need that. I used to work them through it, but there isn't time for the tantrums now. I just passed on a book that I'd done 100 hours on, and finally turned it down. No one in the industry put up with diva these days. And I know how hard it is to let go and let someone mess with your ms. I had to let go of mine for my agent. But I'd bet a dozen donuts that Glyn thinks it was worth it.