Saturday, March 5, 2011

Something I like

As strong as the desire is to fit in and be accepted, we usually try to give our children enough self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth that they are not owned by the latest fad, and yet have some sense of fashion and style.

The latest fad I'm hearing is, "It is what it is!" It is already annoying me and I can't believe the number of people who say it. First off, I think it sounds stupid. Might as well say something jibberish. I have a strong desire to reply, "And just what is it, exactly?" (So far, I haven't given in and asked.)

The point I'm leading up to here is that sometimes a writer will get in a rut with a cliche and over do it. Being cute or clever isn't the same as good writing and the reader will tire of it.

I'm probably one of the toughest audiences for writers, because I don't like to read fiction. I love reading mss because I accept that they aren't the finished product. But once a book is published, especially by a big publisher, I expect the story to represent fine writing. So when I can't put down a book and read it in one weekend, that is meaningful.

Ray Derby writes government conspiracy books that fling me into their world and hold me there until the end. If you're serious about reading a good book or two, grab Ray's books while they are still in print.


  1. It is what it is - almost as annoying as 'the problem is there is no problem'. Trite sayings are nothing like cliches. Cliches have a place, triteness... well, can we start an anti-trite campaign please?

  2. And please explain to me what "that's my bad" means!