Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to Romance me...

(Keep in mind that I have not done a call for manuscript submissions -yet.)

There are two books in the cooker, so to speak, nearly done and ready to be published. And a third project very near and dear to my heart (yes, you Uncle John).

Recently, three extraordinary queries landed in the Cactus Rain submission box. I have no idea how these new three found Cactus Rain. We have not shelled out big bucks for SEO for the website and I've been unusually absent from my usual treks across the internet in my usual haunts. All I can figure is that Joyce, my wonderful-can't-live-without-her web designer, did her usual stellar job on creating so that it would be found.

At any rate, of the three new queries, one is the best query letter I've ever seen. One had no query letter and launched head-long into an extended elevator pitch that had me smiling by the third paragraph. The third has an intriguing story, but said something that really got my attention in a recent email.

So this year for Cactus Rain, not yet two years old, is looking quite good. Trust me, ask anyone who knows me, I ain't that easy to impress...but these three certainly got my attention. They will each hear from me shortly.


  1. Very interesting and intriguing.

  2. I have got links to CRP on my blogs. Ooh, I like to think maybe one person came your way via me. :)

    How lovely they have peeked your interest!

  3. Peaked your interest-even. lol

  4. Oh, and I did promote it on my writer group in Facebook. :)

  5. Glynis, all I know is that meeting you has been very good.

  6. How strange - I hadn't seen this post when I emailed you. Herbert.