Thursday, November 11, 2010

You be the judge

Most people who know anything about me, know that for years I was a child abuse investigator. More specifically, I was the lead investigative social worker for suspected sexual abuse.

Unless anyone is totally clueless, let me mention that sexual abuse of children leave lifetime scars that do not go away - ever. With the right treatment, they are manageable, but let me repeat, they do not go away -- EVER!

Now read this:


  1. Not to be flippant but quelle surprise! What are Amazon interested in, not people and definitely not children. Just money. Do not buy from Amazon. There are plenty of other sites,, Book Depository and so on.

  2. Shocking.

    Right... Amazon is a business. And they want to make money. That can come- this way or that. Mostly that. Ughh.

    The links at the bottom do mention that the book has been withdrawn, if that is of any consequence.

  3. Interesting, the original article did not have the book was updated at 5 something this morning.

    In grammer school, when they began to teach about the Constition and the Bill of Rights, the basic statement was our rights end where the next person's begin. His right to free speech ended when it reached the rights of children to have a safe childhood. Child abuse is a crime. In some cases, it is a felony.