Sunday, November 21, 2010

Big News!

There is so much news about The Doctor, The Plutocrat, and The Mendacious Minister, that I don't know what to tell first.

One little bit is that for the second print run, there will be changes to the back cover. No big deal to make the change, however...that makes the first books printed into a limited edition.

"Hello eBay!" some time in the future for the lucky ones who got on it and bought the book hot off the press. There are less than 50 of those left divided between what Glyn has in France and I have here in the states. Best be getting after it, if you've been putting off buying.

So what is the change? Well, it is now posted on the Cactus Rain Website, link at the bottom and the purple bit on the sidebar. Go read it there!

Now the bigger part of what brought about the change is very exciting news. We needed a new back cover because (ta-da!) I've been working with a friend, Joy Collins, who also has a couple of publishing companies -- remember the one who has a book that was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize?

We have struck a deal for her imprint, Coyote Moon Books, to digitalize Cactus Rain's books.

That means that the Cactus Rain Publishing books will be published as eBooks by Coyote Moon. The Doctor, The Plutocrat, and The Mendacious Minister will be available on Amazon's Kindle, Apple's iStore for the iPad and related apps, Barnes and Noble's Nook (they have a color version of the Nook due out shortly - great for reading children's books) and the Sony eReader. I'll post the links when I get them. They will also be on the Cactus Rain website.

Just a note for those not in America, Barnes and Nobles reminds me of the UK Waterstones.

So those of you wishing for an eReader for Christmas or daring enough to have the apps to read books on your phone, in about a can buy Glyn's ebook.

Now there is still more news...can you take any more of this???

I just got off the phone with a friend who was on the Theatre board the same time I was. Seems like she is interested in looking at Doc for a stage production. It will take some time to adapt Doc to a script, but I am thrilled at the prospect and do plan to save my pennies to attend opening night some time next year.

All of this certainly points out that small presses are not to be discounted. Goodness, a Pulitzer Prize nomination for Chalet Publishers, and now this for my debut book as a publisher. Look out baby, we are stepping out strutting our stuff!


  1. Wow - absolutely exciting times all the way around.
    I am proud and happy to be a part of all this.

  2. Fantastic news, well done everyone!

  3. Excellent news! I can't wait to read the book. And the stage show sounds wonderful. Can I send my mom over to make the costumes? :-)

    So pleased, so delighted. Good news for all.

  4. Exciting times indeed, Nadine. Congratulations! Do feel free to spread the word at as well!

  5. The blog about my diet is far more interesting than Nadines. :)


    I'm on a diet.

  6. OMGosh! Where to start? First off, Happy Birthday to My Writers Circle, writing forum. What an incredible place. I met some people there who will, no doubt, be lifelong friends.

    Second, Thank you to everyone who has read this post. I know lots of people are a bit shy about posting comments. This is not a closed club, everyone and every comment is welcomed.

  7. That is wonderful news Nadine.

    VS Grenier

    World of Ink Tours

  8. congratulations - this is all wonderful news -'The Doctor The Plutocrat and the Mendacius Minister' is an excellent book and deserves every bit of its success
    Now will you read mine?

  9. Nadine! This is all absolutely marvelous. Congratulations!!!

  10. I guess I need to catch up! Is this your book, Nadine? One you are publishing. I'm sorry. I've been out of touch! Good luck, in any case. You know you can always send short success stories to me for my newsletter. (-:


  11. Wow, there have been over 100 visitors to First Draft today! I see lots of writers I know in the comments and personal emails; some publishing and writing leaders from around the world. Awesome to have all of you visit.

    There are two forum leaders, Karen Dionne founder of Backspace and Nick Daws from My Writers Circle. Both have great experiences and community spirt - check them out and say that I sent you!

    Yes, I will read mss. Just go to Cactus Rain and look at the submission info. Write a dynamite query letter. Hook me baby!

    There is more news coming in the next few months. I hope everyone is ready to buy CRP books, because they are among the best and we are going places! Stay tuned.

    If you don't paypal, email me and we will make other arrangements. Glyn's book is a real gem. We worked together for this day for over a year.

    Keep coming back to First Draft for updates.

  12. Nadine- I'm happy for you that things are going so well! You go girl!

  13. What wonderful news for you both! Credit to you Nadine for all of your hard work, and never giving up on your dream! ♥ Congratulations.

  14. Hello Deidra! Good to hear from you! Stay warm up north!

    Glynis, how did you put that heart in your post? Wow! I'm impressed. Your book is on its way.

  15. Hello Virginia, Nidhi, Karen, Nick, Carolyn, Kate, Ella, Carrie, Joy, Glyn...and everyone who stops by and doesn't comment...

  16. Hello Nadine,
    It is so great to see your blog after a long time and then read this great news. Means I'll have to read the blog archives to read the story of CR.
    Best of Luck.

  17. ♥ alt 3

    Can't wait to receive my copy! A first edition no less as well. Thank you.

  18. Hello DJ and Usman. Oh yes, go back and read this blog, but more importantly, get the book. I only have 6 left from the first run. I bet you'll be amazed at the writing and the quality of the book.