Friday, September 24, 2010

Author Photos

How do these measure up?

Kathryn's Beach:

High Tide:

Storm Surge:

Now compare them to these:


  1. You look so different in each one of your pics. :)
    The folks in the article, all look as if they are hiding double chins. :)

    I hate having my photograph taken.

  2. I'm not particularly photogenic. These pics are more snap shots than photos. The third one is from my web cam! Most often the background and the photo quality is better with a professional photographer.

  3. KB is the best... open and shaded.

    HT is good, too. Very nice and warm smile.

    SS looks like a distorted web cam shot...

    You are quite photogenic. It trequires someone to take a good pic.

  4. You look gorgeous in all of them m'dear. But the middle one with the shades is nice - though perhaps shades on a pic is not the right image for a book cover.