Monday, September 6, 2010

Andrew Revels Remembered

My kids came to visit for the holiday weekend and we talked about Andrew. They had met him, so his passing was more to them than reading my blog - which they don't do.

As it turned out, Andrew's uncle posted a comment on my blog today. See below:

Hi Nadine.....I am Andy's uncle and just wanted to share that on August 28th Live Long, Live Strong, a celebration of Andy Revels took place and was a great success. 10 bands played until the wee hours, the local news was on hand, we were able to videotape the final episode of Andy's PRTV, and 100's of people shared Andy's memory. It will take a month to edit the final PRTV but I will let you know when it gets posted. I am sending a youtube link to a slideshow from the event and from will be in the final PRTV, but I decided to share a sneak peek. Enjoy and I will keep you informed on the release of the full episode in about a month.

You might want to go back to the original post and refresh your memory, listen to Andrew read his poem on YouTube I posted. Here is the link:

This is the YouTube Andrew's uncle mentioned. I will post the final version.


  1. Hi Nadine....its the uncle again!!! Just wanted to share what I saw on the local news here tonight. We have a local girls roller derby team called the LaCrosse Skating Sirens and they were on the news tonight saying that their Saturday night bout here in LaCrosse is dedicated to Andrew Revels and they will have a silent auction, t-shirt sales, etc. and all the proceeds will go to a scholarship for a young WRITER here in the coulee region. They will be called Planet-Revels for this bout as well. Andy is still touching lives...this time to the benefit of some lucky young aspiring writer!!! The great things seem to keep happening in spite of the tragedy that took place.

  2. That is so cool, Uncle. Andy was an awesome writer. I think the scholarship is an excellent idea. Most fitting.

  3. Hi Nadine....Andy's uncle John once again. I have posted all 3 slideshows that will be in the final PRTV on youtube and the 3rd one is all pictures of Andrew through the years and his many costumes and pranks so I thought you might like to see where his creativity came from. Also included is #2 which is the family, friends and musicians at Andy's memorial concert. Hope you have room to post these. The final PRTV has alot of video editing to be done but I am working diligently on getting that done as well. Here are the youtube links

  4. An admirable young man. The family must be so proud. I feel for their loss.