Saturday, August 14, 2010

Next new best thing...or is it?

Just so you know what is going on out there, look at this after you read my post:

Because I purchase ISBNs from them, I was on their email list, with lots of other publishers and self published authors, to get the notice (press release?) about this new service.

I won't be looking there for new authors/mss. I can't imagine anyone having the time to scroll through sites or blogs looking for the next best selling title.

Like Ann said in her blog (link above) there isn't a short cut to querying. I know we all hate the process as writers, but as a publisher it works for me. I can tell a lot about the writer by their query and synopsis.


  1. You are so right - there are no short cuts, no quick wins, no easy routes. It's all hard graft and a great deal of luck!

  2. Anything worth doing takes effort. The query phase is where a lot of writers drop out. This is the place to shift into 4-wheel drive.

  3. Ah, the lovely query letter. The bane of my life! LOL
    Interesting post, thanks for the link.

  4. Glynis, you are so funny. I just love you. I got so sick of query letter responses that I left one sit on my desk for a week - totally uninterested in one more, "not for us" letter It was a request for the entire ms. Go figure?