Thursday, July 22, 2010

New video

Switching gears to another media, here is the new YouTube video I made. This is from a PowerPoint presentation. I have to say, I don't plan to ever convert a PowerPoint to YouTube video again. Of course, that doesn't mean I won't; it means I don't plan to do it.

I am very surprise that Microsoft didn't consider that people would want to upload their PowerPoint projects. It must be a proprietary thing that there wasn't sharing between the two companies.

Well, anyway the thing that I didn't like about the project was that the slide transitions available on PowerPoint were not available on Windows Movie Maker. You'll notice that I didn't use them in the video and it does make for an abrupt transition in places.

The music file was much easier to add in Movie Maker. It wasn't difficult to embed music into PP, but it was tricky to figure out how to package it so the file would play the music on other computers.

Both programs were easy to learn and with patience can produce good results. The key to making any of these projects is the material must copyright free. If you want to use someone's music or photos, you must get permission in writing. Email is fine, but print a couple of copies and keep it in a file.

So here is the end result. Thank you Carolyn Sheppard for the use of your song, Broken Rock.

Please watch:

Comments, please.


  1. Its given me ideas...must get onto Nick. Really very very good. A practical question, what makes you think lots of people out there are going to watch this? If I go onto Utube I type in Leonard Cohen, Green Day, Lou Reed and so on or is it really just hoping that people come across your video by chance.
    I DO THINK you take every opportunity to put yourself and Cactus Rain out there, so I applaud this.

  2. Glyn, you crack me up sometimes. Okay, what would I do with this since I hardly think anyone will just come across it on YouTube?

    Well, YouTube is easy to put in other places on the internet, like this blog. Also Joyce has the video on my website.

    Look at the last email I sent to you. What is the bottom line of my auto signature, yep, this YouTube link.

    Carrie tweeted the YouTube link.

    There are a couple of slides I want to fix on that video, but I can use the YouTube or the Movie Maker file for live events and there are two in Scottsdale (AZ) this fall, so I was doing this for those.

    Those are some things that I could do with this. There are a couple of others that involve other bits.

    BTW, my aol email is down right now.

  3. You said 'Well, YouTube is easy to put in other places on the internet,'
    stupid of me, I hadn't thought of that.

  4. You are not stupid. Just don't think of any of this as an end point. It is more like building blocks.

  5. Think of YouTube as great FREE storage site for videos with the added bonus of being able to give people the link to see it there, or grab the code and embed the video on another webpage. AND if someone happens to come across it through a search, another bonus. BTW, YouTube is a website. YouTube is not a video. Saying "my YouTube" is like saying "my website". Now "my YouTube video" makes sense or "my video on YouTube". Minor detail but it makes my skin crawl. Sorry, just had to throw that out there. ~JH~

  6. Joyce, you keep me on track. I think I fixed the places in error by adding the word 'video'. Can't do anything about my comments errors.

    And, once keep me doing things right. Thanks!