Friday, June 4, 2010

'Tis true!

Today is my birthday. To celebrate, I'm putting my books on sale on my website for the whole month. Click the link in the side bar to get there from here.

(I took a road trip last weekend - bet you get that song stuck in your head)


  1. Happy Birthday! I really hope you have a lovely day.
    Hugs love and kisses
    Lots of love Glynx
    (on the photo, is that Bob Dylan you are with?)

  2. It is a bronze statue they call, "Easy". The painting is on a wall, with a small park behind - looks like a building, doesn't it?

  3. Happy Birthday Nadine, many more healthy years to you! x

  4. Thanks! This has been the best BD in years.

  5. Hope you had a magical birthday, Nadine! Bright wishes from the UK. xx

  6. Hello Carol Anne, thanks. I had a better than usual BD. Based on the comments here and on Facebook, I'm guessing most people have some hint about the divorce?