Monday, June 28, 2010

Salt of the Earth

When my grandfather said someone was the "Salt of the Earth" it was a sincere compliment. I'm pretty sure saying something is the "Meat and Potatoes" of it, is also from that era.

Glynis Smy is one of my favorite bloggers. There are tons of blogs by aspiring writers. Many of them I find boring. But Glynis' blog is unpretentious thoughts and questions of an aspiring writer. I love reading her blog.

While there are many people near and dear to me, I have to say that Glynis is one who is always supportive of my antics - and loves me anyway.

I think it is wonderful that Glynis has opened the door to the experience of writing in first person. I often speak of first person writing as an actor getting into character, for it is just that, experiential. It is on a level that I find hard to describe to someone who hasn't written in first person. It is sensual. I think it is a risk [worth taken] to examine the character from such a personal level.

While readers take a bit to adjust to the style, I think the writer/reader connection is greater. There is less emotional distance, less safety in being so exposed. But I think the experience for the writer and the reader is well worth the risk. Why the industry clings so tight fisted to third person, I cannot understand. Go for it, Glynis. I believe in you!

The meat and potatoes award is posted on the side bar. Please visit (and follow) Glynis' blog.


  1. Oh my gosh, Nadine! What a wonderful compliment you have paid me, thank you so much.

    I am also thrilled to have you as a blogging friend. Your support is appreciated. Thanks again!

    Hugs from Cyprus.x

  2. Deserved Glynis. :-)

  3. A sweet tribute to a wonderful blogger. Glynis is a joy to follow.

    Thoughts in Progress

  4. This is such a sweet post. Blogger buds (and then the deeper friendship that sometimes runs the course) are so important!

  5. Very nice post about Glynis. She's one of my favorite bloggers as well.

  6. I concur, Glynis is one of my favorite bloggers, too. I can count on a comment from her on any subject. Congrats, Glynis, if you read this, on such a nice post as a tribute. Salt of the earth says it all.

    Nadine, it's so nice of you to recognize her in your blog. I know it means a lot to her.

  7. I like the comparison of "Salt of the Earth" to "Meat and Potatoes.":)And what a nice tribute to Glynis.

  8. Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by (and leaving comments). I do hope Glynis sees all the nice things you've said about her. I will find my way to the UK or Cyprus to spend the afternoon chatting with you, Glynis.

  9. I am a curious person...OK nosey. I just had to pop back and see if anyone left a comment here. I am humbled by the words I read, thank you all so much.

    An afternoon chatting together, sounds a great way to spend time, Nadine.

  10. Glynis, we may lose track of time and the afternoon will blend into several days' visit.

  11. What a wonderful compliment to a wonderful blogger. I've been following Glynis for a while now and I enjoy reading her blog :)


  12. Jen, I agree, Glynis is a treasure.