Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quality vs Quantity

"It would be nice if the quality of book mattered rather than just what you can afford, with respect to exposure on Amazon, one said."

I've taken the above quote out of context, because I want to discuss the topic of quality. This is why I'm so picky about what Cactus Rain will publish. This is a quote from an article I'll link at the bottom, for those interested in the whole article. The issue [to me] isn't about Amazon, it is about having the money to "buy your way" to success.

There is no doubt in my mind that everyone can think of a book they've read that they couldn't finish because it was simply bad writing, or at best needed a few more rewrites and edits.

It amazes me, and a know a few people who do this, that anyone would continue reading a book they didn't like - this is probably left over from childhood when we were told to clean our plate (finish what we've started).

Writers labor hours, months - or more likely - years to get their ms into marketable shape. I can think of only a few who crank out books like rabbits have babies.

There are some publishing companies that will publish anything for a fee. It is simple to understand how the established publishers feel about them when the pros spend time and money to make sure books with their logo are quality works. This is only what readers deserve, the best book possible.

I like the good old fashion way a book rises to popularity because it is good, not because of the money behind it. Maybe I simply don't think it is fair for a really good book to prematurely fall into obscurity because someone with a lesser book can afford more advertising bling.

Seems to me that buying-in is a hollow reward in the end. That's the way I see it. What do you think, would you rather your book is a bestseller, regardless how it got there?



  1. Buying-in IS a shallow reward at the end. However, there are more GOOD books that do not get published than BAD ones that do for money reasons. Atleast the ones that get published get known. The ones that do not see the light of the day are in an uncounted heap of obscurity irrespective of great quality!
    I am grateful and glad that Cactus Rain is going to do something to tilt the scales towards quality... and let the less known and good quality voices be heard.
    Thanks, Nadine...

  2. Hello Nidhi,

    I'll do my best...with a little help from my friends.

  3. I like the good old fashion way a book rises to popularity because it is good, not because of the money behind it.

    I think that sentence above, sums it up for me.

  4. I read an email sent to my wife from someone in her book club suggesting a book they read and discuss - the up shot was, 'that it was the latest popular release, it was only £3.99 and of course readily available from Amazon.' Lets forget the quality, no mention of that.
    You have a problem Nadine in that you want the books you publish to be of the best quality but you need to sell them. No point in producing the finest baked beans if no-one want them.
    Perhaps patience, slowly by slowly, and in a years time you say, 'Gee' (gee is what they say in America) Glyn has sold a thousand books.'
    A thousand would be good sales; so I'm told from another source.

  5. Let's hope for the best of both worlds, but let's earn it.

  6. I think Leigh Russell is a good example of how hard work helps good writing pay off.

  7. Actually, DJ, I love your writing style. Good luck on your new one coming out soon.