Monday, May 10, 2010

Storm Surge

Some of my coworkers are reading my books. Once again, we go through the conversation of mistaking me for Kathryn.

Sometimes it is funny and I admit that it means my idea of a faux memoir worked - too well, perhaps.

Kathryn's Beach and High Tide were written in 2000. Do any of you remember the third book's working title was Atonement? (Everyone hated it.) Atonement, the movie, came out and I changed titles.

Some will remember that it took months to come up with the new title, Storm Surge. It had to be two words and have to do with "ocean" somehow. I hadn't wanted an alliteration for the title, but hey, that is how it turned out.

In 2009, I dumped the ms and started over; keeping only the bones of the first chapter and the characters from the first two books.

Most people think Storm Surge is the best of the three books. It is certainly more like people expect storylines to go. It is, perhaps, less literary in writing style than Kathryn's Beach. Storm Surge is less funny, and less dialogue too, than High Tide.

If you've read Storm Surge and want to comment on what you liked best or least, leave a message. You can comment anonymously, if you like. Please don't tell what happens to Kathryn, though. And if you haven't read it, comment anyway - what the heck!

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  1. I'm looking forward to reading it. (You didn't take very long off blogging!)