Saturday, May 1, 2010

High Tide

I'm not sure if second books in a series are easier or more difficult to write than the first book.

I've always freely admitted that the only real reason that High Tide was written was because 'certain people' wanted to know what happened to 'you-know-who' at the end of Kathryn's Beach.

My thought on the matter has always been, "Who cares? The story is about Kathryn - refer to the title, see?"

Telling the one thing that 'some people' wanted to know would have made for a boring story, and it is really about Kathryn, so I went in another direction. To expand Kathryn's world I brought the background characters forward and introduced them properly (developed them from 'characters' to 'people').

Kathryn's conversations in her head - her mind talk - still goes a mile a minute, but there are more 'real' (well...this is fiction, how real can they be?) conversations between the characters.

There is a bit more humor in High Tide than in Kathryn's Beach. I don't think I could ever shock people like I did on Thanksgiving weekend in Kathryn's Beach, but there are a few 'gotcha' moments in High Tide.

One interesting thing is that while it isn't 100% fan fiction, I do get a lot of storyline comments - totally different endings and such. Of course they are brilliant, but they wouldn't work with the storyline in Storm Surge.

In this month's newsletter I mention some of the themes of the trilogy. Pop over to my website and give it a read.

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