Wednesday, April 21, 2010

TAG! You're it!

Some weeks back my web designer sent a note that read: I’m going to change all your page titles from the H3 tag to the H1 tag. I’ve learned it carries more weight.

Not only do I not know the difference between H3 and H1 - I don't care to know. Years ago I learned that she looks out for her clients and stays current in her field. So why worry about it? Not that I could do my own website, but my books are worth having a pro.

Same goes for the Cactus Rain Publishing logo. I drew the design idea on a piece of paper. I knew exactly what I wanted. I went to the paint store and selected paint chips for the colors I wanted. I scanned in my drawing. I mailed the paint chips to Joyce and she told me the color codes for them. That is what I sent to a graphic artist, who I'm told is in Italy (I don't really know). In short order the file was sent with several formats and sizes.

Sorry you DIY people, this is the kind of stuff that makes having a professional worth their weight in gold. I'm very lucky to contract with such good people. That wasn't always the case.


  1. I don't have a clue what they mean either but like you said, what matters is that you have people working for you that you trust! xo

  2. Sounds more like the flu virus to me! :>)
    Yes, professionals who do their job well are so valuable. And I can definitely attest to Joyce's skills. She's a very talented woman.

  3. Aw, shucks, thanks for the nice comment. I just wish I'd known to use H1 tags in the first place. Remember, CONTENT is king on any website. Offer good content and visitors and search engines will find you. ~Joyce~

  4. Ya never know what I'll write, eh? Both Joy and I agree, you're the bestest.

  5. Nadine - you have an awesome web designer!!

  6. Thanks, Peggy. I feel very lucky to have found her. How have you been, hope all is well with you.